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Converting HbA1c test results to MPG and HbA1c might point out a need for some correction in your lifestyle

  1. Provide you new way of looking at the same data to determine if your self-testing results (because of schedule and/or frequency) are giving you a false idea of what is going on between lab blood tests.
  2. Judge whether your treatment plan is the one for you.
  3. Show you how changes in diet and exercise choices are make a difference in diabetes control.
  4. Give it a try (we do not keep any records or averages for you so do not ask for a lost one just play it again, Sam.)

Converting your HbA1c into your average and mean glucose reading will statistically never agree with what is on your blood glucose meter due to your sampling rate being too low to get a true average reading. So what is it good for? You say. Having what a close approximation of the average reading based on converting a lab HbA1c will allow you to see how closely the your sample rate is tracking your blood sugar. If you are only taking your sugar reading in the morning and you have been so happy because its below 120mg/dl and your computed average is 20 or more mg/dl higher or lower you might consider talking to a professional about why. Now there is constant monitoring and that might get reading closer to the average than other methods or conversion as continuous monitor ting should be the average reading.

This program will give you the average daily reading and the mean daily reading based on the data provided in "Diabetes Care" 25:275-278, 2002 "Diabetes Forcast" August 2008 and Crossfire Engineering only assumes no responsible our calculations. The results provided by this program are primarily for program demonstration but if you see a big difference in these calculations and your daily readings it might be very important to check your meter functionality with your health provider. Crossfire Engineering CANNOT cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided by "Diabetes Care" or "Diabetes Forcast" but they probably can if you ask". Be sure to check with your health care provider for any medical advice. Our derived equation from the data presented in "Diabetes Forcast" August 2008 is a correct linear presentation of their data. In most of the mathematics and scientific circles the avarage and the mean are usually the same. There are some exceptions like the electric company gives mean temperatures and they are the highest temperature of the day added to the lowest temperature of that day and the sum is divided by 2. The average is always the sum of all the readings divided by the number of reading.

  1. So if you have 14 readings and they are 128, 213, 185, 236, 111, 97, 120, 77, 103, 122, 134, 155, 111, 142.
  2. The total of all 14 readingsis 1934
  3. The average of readings is 1934/14 or 138.1
  4. The lowest is 77
  5. The mean is (highest+lowest)/2 = 156.5

It is important to note that ignoring the results her you take a reading in th emorning of 224 and in the evening it is 62

Always consult your medical team before making any changes based on any non-professionals advice including mine or your own. Landing two people on the moon and returning them to an orbiting return vehicle was just math. The human body is far too complicated to be treated like a guidance system. My computations are based on a study of over 1400 people using their MPG and HbA1c to produced the I will present here.ionship of MPG as follows:

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