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“ Facts have too long supported these arrogant pretensions of the Europeans. It belongs to us to vindicate the honor of the human race, and to teach that assuming brother, moderation. Union will enable us to do it. Disunion will will add another victim to his triumphs. Let Americans disdain to be the instruments of European greatness! Let the thirteen States, bound together in a strict and indissoluble Union, concur in erecting one great American system, superior to the control of all transatlantic force or influence, and able to dictate the terms of the connection between the old and the new world! ” — Alexander Hamilton
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Tench Coxe as one of the Founders and started his place in history by being arrested for treason by the Continental Army. To be on the safe side of the block he moved from Philly to where General Howe controlled the area thinking he would not be hung when the confederation was beaten. Well his calculations was wrong and he was arrested by the he was mistakenly captured by the Continental Army, convicted of treason for fighting for England and put into prison. Fortunately for this book keeper in his family counting house he was recognized as not being a loyalist and pardoned. Coxe served as secretary of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, of which Benjamin Franklin was president. In 1786, Coxe represented Pennsylvania by serving as the secretary for the Annapolis Convention, the effort to revise the Articles of Confederation, which set the stage for the constitutional convention the following year. Coxe also was appointed to represent Pennsylvania in the Continental Congress. for more information see Philadelphia Historical Society.

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Volunteers who might like to poke some fun at the Utopians form the EXTREME LEFT WING TO Marxist crowd or the EXTREME RIGHT WING TO FASCIST members of congress who are planning to “Fundamentally Change” our country into another hell hole country full of the mass graves and forced labor camps it takes to keep a Utopian Society in existence. See Note 11

California was one of the leading eugenics centers in the world. From the first sterilization law permitting it to the end; there as no way for the victim to appeal. Sterilization was a method of promoting white racial characteristics with people fearful of the black, Mexican and Chinese populations were the targets of these elitists who feared that their white race only purity must not be diluted. The majority of the sterilizations were white women for various acts (crimes) of sexual misconduct, sanity and perceived threats to the beautiful people of California. This was brought to Germany and used as a reason for the T4 project and its chief objective of a pure Nordic or Aryan “Super Pure Race.Éd;. trouble is that the runners of the various Nordic or Aryan pure race movement were not a pure genetic pool euthanasia people in Psychiatric hospitals in German Occupied countries. The code name T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstraße 4, the street address of the Chancellery department set up to recruit and pay the Psychiatric hospitals’ employees

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The dreams of a Utopia that have risen again in the midst of what is going on in South America today do not seem to bring back the memories of what the utopia of a dictator has in store for the future slave laborers he required tomorrow. at least in the last century they only had despot royalty to take what they wanted and show no concern for the people they were born under the rule and heavy hand of. There was no warning to them of what life was going to be like under the rule by the great heroes and saints of their revolutions against the their royal despots. We can look what those transfers of one despots cruelty and lack of concern for any life to one totally released from answering even to the Lord of the Universes could do. The map of the short history of one century is marked with mass graves and prison labor camps across the territories they rule.

This is a challenge where the deck has been stacked by our enemy over 70 years ago when the great takeover of our Education System was started by Uncle Joe Stalin. There well proven mind bending tricks and practices have produced a society of victims in this country. And the first two full two generations of graduates are now in newspapers, and new rooms around the country. These are not bad or evil people they have been trained to think in ways never believed possible in the 1940s. They think that America is the aggressive enemy and the citizens with bibles and guns are the worst terrorists that the FBI should keep under surveillance. The genetic throwbacks to the time before Lucy took her first upright step. You can see the anarchists on the streets. Some paid to be there and organize. To lead the mobs into the violence we see on the TV. But who tells the police, time after time, to stand down and do nothing. Why has the Justice Department who performs acts which have motivations we cannot judge but whose actions we can judge as highly racial and dividing in a nation of amoral culture over the last half a century that is unrecognizable as American. It almost seems that the leftist leaning government wants to take our Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights Rights away and they will when the balance of power is give a little nudge by the next election. This will happen if watchmen that Ezekiel told to wake up and warn the people what is eminent without their wringing. This counter culture was part of the infiltration techniques being used. Hollywood to Broadway Louisiana to Illinois form a great socialist circle of the population who think patriotism and religion are the cause of violence and must be stopped. Violent elements causing disharmony in the crime infested cities in this ring. Where there has been socialist control of the urban governments for over 60 years. They disarmed the citizens, tied up the police in court battles and the military also so as to have to take lawyers on patrols to instruct the police and solders what to do and how to do it. Why is Ezekiel involved in all of this? This web sire will be about the idea I had one day about my dog Zeke. He was named after my favorite prophet Ezekiel mainly because of his watchman prophecies. Like the Eagles song Hotel California both collided a few months ago when my dog Zeke thought it was time for me to get up and landed on me with 160 pounds of dog. I decided to go read Ezekiel again and the Hotel California kept tugging at my brain while I read his words. This internet site began morphing over from a business site to a more serious site. Important enough to cause a tiny ripple in the complacency of this generation of watchmen required to wake up for our survival as a nation.

7 Since the countries involved with the deaths of so many people.are the only ones who actually know the.true body count.the count can easily be altered.for political and propaganda reasons. The estimates have moves up and down with the political winds that shift directions both inside the country and we on the outside can only estimate with a probability of being within 25% to 50% close to the truth of these closely guarded state secrets. But more and more mass grave sights are being uncovered each day by satellite photography and the local people where these atrocities occurred remember the friends and family they lost.
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9 James Iredell was one of the Federalist. Nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court justices by George Washington in part because of his efforts to have the Constitution
10 90 A lot of German propaganda for their Race Purification Eugenics programs like T4 and the gas chambers in Auschwitz originated in information and support on the benefits came from the American eugenics movement professors in the San Francisco Bay area that published their racist eugenic studies and spurious data but always relying on the pseudo-scientific information surfacing from the Bay Area. The Carnegie Institute supported the Eighteen solutions explored in the "Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder’s Association" to study and report on the Best Practical Means to end a Defective Germ-Plasma in the Human Population." Point No. 8 was euthanasia by Public Gas Chambers. The Rockefeller Foundation helped German eugenics program to get started and Josef Mengele eugenics research before Auschwitz became his new lab.
11 The NAZI of Germany are always called fascists by the Communists and Socialists but as I have said in other spots on this website that the name NAZI is the abbreviation for “der NationalSozialistischeDeutcheArbeiterPartei” or in English The National Socialist German Workers Party. They called themselves Socialists from the beginning and never said hey, we made a mistakes. The old wisdom is if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and even acts like a duck, it is a duck no matter what colors its feathers are. The Germans did not have to own the German factories like the The Russians did. They just made the people who knew how to run the factories run them the way the Nazis told the management the what to make, the how many to make a week and the quality of workmanship. Uncle Joe on the other hand tried to run them by a central committee who did not know a left hand screwdriver from a right handed one but could form a committee to determine which one was best to supply the factories. Both used the same threats and enforcement techniques concerning production. Deliver or you and your family are no more. They kept death camps, forced slave labor camps executions squads. The Germans did not accomplish the body count of Stalin who had nothing but firearms to murder. The Germans had the San Francisco Eugenicists to research and design the gas Chambers that could kill most effectively. But the NKVD and were somehow more successful in building up the body counts than the Germans but who can worry about that when Mao came to out do the both of them combined by killing 50 percent more that Stalin and Hitler combined. We he better or did he just have a lot more people not to care about. Now we got Uncle Joe and Adolph going postal over best prefix for the Éc;ismÉd; they’s in. Why if they were both of the Socialist crowd. That is simple with two power crazy sociopaths with troubled childhoods and the proper pre arranged economic conditions to take over the nations they lived in. They both rounded up a substantial body count, Stalin the perceived fascists who were the enemies of the state and Hitler had the perceived Communist as a danger and the French to blame and destroy. But think of what they had in common. The Polish, the Jews, the Gypsies and everyone else that they needed to blame a problem on. With large numbers of secret police huge armies and many hungry colonels you must keep your murder teams busy running many purges, cleansing, genocide, and conducting euthanasia for the lives unworthy of life.the kids that their loyalty must be to the Fatherland first. There is only one thing more dangerous that a pair like that. A charismatic nut can locally do more damage and serve as means for the former types to gain control and just squash the nut as they stroll by along with a lot of people who followed the nut.In the story Stalin and Hitler were together through the whole war. The casualties on both sides were just statistics to make the game they were running work.
12 In the 1960s I spent a lot of time in LA on the NASA Lunar Life Support System Radio which was built there and The antenna which I thing even finely tuned to the radio frequency up in Scottsdale, AZ where I loves to visit did have a suspicious look of a Stanley tape measure with the paint polished off it. But like its tape measure brother it would allow the astronauts to climb in and out of very tight doorways that could have broke a stiff antenna. Most of the time the simpler the better. So Culver City Guns. I would go there and pick up a 1853 58 Cal. Remington Zuave Italian solid brass fixture replica in unused condition for $30.00, A Winchester pre ’64 for $40 and a 1979 47-70 Springfield Armory ( the real one in Springfield, Mass. for $25. I loved that store and when I one of the aforementioned items and ammo I would go up to the Angles Gun Club and shoot the afternoons away when work was slow. I still have some of those guns but now I can’t figure out how I ever got those long guns on an airplane back to Connecticut.
13 Interested in seeing the true fruits of socialism? Download the presentations of Harry Wu, Director , Laogai Research Foundation several are on the internet so I will not bother to put any here. Wikipedia extract in red: Harry Wu was a Chinese-American human rights activist. Wu spent 19 years in Chinese labor camps, and he became a resident and citizen of the United States. In 1992, he founded the Laogai Research Foundation. from Wikipedia also see note 16 below.

I had met a fellow engineer for the first time on I was on to have some testing performed at a facility for NASA in 1967. When he sat down next to me and told me he was told to accompany me on my trip I was suspicious because of his heavy Eastern European accent. As we talked I had to ask if he was a Communist to see his reaction. He did not answer until he had unbuttoned his shirt and showed me the bullet holes he received throwing a Molotov Cocktail at a Soviet tank in 1956 revolt in Hungry. There were very few guns and he had none so while I was in in eight grade he was a freedom fighter. We were about the same age and other that a few hoods to deal with he had soviet tanks coming down his streets killing his neighbors. He made a weapon to fight the tanks from a wine bottle, gasoline a rag and a kitchen match. He stepped out on the street at the side of the tank and lit the gas soaked rag and through it against the tanks turret. Before it hit its mark he was hit by one of the tankers machine guns three times in his side. Then the bottle did its job. Those inside the tank sealed up and hoped the fire would end soon ad his friends took the opportunity to get him to medical help and I assume they added some gas to the fire while doing it. As both of us were almost the same age I could not imagine what conditions were like to have unarmed citizens fighting tanks and well armed troops.I did not know the face of socialist control of a populations was like then. He is alive for the week we spent traveling the South because the lab’s huge power transformer was seen as a future home by a squirrel. We had the week off while they repaired the house warming party damage of the squirrel. Today thoughts of his stories compel me to mention his bravery against the powers of a socialist government. The totalitarian regime must have been very bad to have a country fight the Soviet tanks sent in to squash the revolution. His tank attack lead me to a better understanding of the fruits of socialism and to try to improve my throwing arm if we are left without guns

Our halls of government are being filled with socialist/Communist(same thing but different hiding under a different name is a social democrat who wants to be elected by the ignorant - Did you know that is what Hitler called himself until he took over the Party and voilà a new Nazi party is born) our Senators and "Representatives" some old times and some just elected by the large population of kids now voting trained to think socialism offers a bright and prosperous future. Our Public School System for the last sixty or so years has been slowly transformed in to a tax funded institute for the purpose of prostolization of our kids with false history, negative history, made up fairy tails of the success of socialism. Socialism only sounds great when its history (some still occurring) takes a bloody toll o the nations that fell for the lies. The only ones making out in a socialist country are the leaders. And to keep the leaders in luxury it takes Secret Police. Well trained children spying on parent and neighbor for expressing thoughts contrary to philosophy that can only be presented by lying about, hiding or changing the history of socialism specialist educators taught them is it a better philosophy of government than our present one. We (with our letting our schools be run by socialists and communists by their own indoctrination during their education or extreme pressure from the various teachers unions and administrators use our tax money to proselytize our children) sleep while the rope of totalitarianism tighten around each of our necks. We have been the sleeping watchmen who may awake to find out it is too late to avoid the destruction our sleep has brought upon our nations for the next forty biblical years.

These countries were free until the Soviots placed them under totalitarian despot rulers after taking them over at the end of WWII. They did not regain freedom until Ronald Reagan, a B movie star and our 40th president and pope John Paul somehow with two separate methods brought down the Soviet control with the press calling Mr. Reagan a cowboy and the pope a nothing brought down the Berlin wall and Pope JP with a visit home to Poland inspire the Polish Solidarity movement that through off the socialists from the back of the people.

The Founding Fathers insisted on the Bill of Rights as they could see what would happen when our watchmen were sleeping. Bill Casey predicted Uncle Jose (I wonder why people call Joe Biden what they also called Joseph Stalin) plan to take over this country was. The first Uncle Joe is reported to have said: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seeds I have sown will never be uprooted." and again "Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not allow our enemies to have guns. Why would we allow them to have ideas?" Stalin understood getting his agents into our public school system and teachers’ unions would make it easier to take over the United States without a peep. Our own kids will betray the Constitutions because of the education we let them have. Watchman - wake up. . Socialist control of the schools will have the next generation vote the socialists into positions to take over the nation. Socialist control of the press and news give them control over the ideas that wilt make the socialist takeover easier.

15 Is this a look of concern, boredom or an advertisement for Hemorrhoid Cream?. Would.someone please get a tube of Preparation X out to them? The extreme Left in the United States says they want gun control firearms for safety. Our Founding Fathers say what they really want is to control who has the firearms. and make us vulnerable to the next Marxist wave at the elections.. Control who has them and make sure that no one can buy one legally. Hemorrhoids cream ad or boredom pill ad?

All the Brits had to do was keep them out of the hands of the IRA.. And Chi Town’s no guns allowed seems to be another thing to remember how many shootings they have a day..A.good business to start there would be crime scene cleanup. Apparently gun control does not work when you analyze history..Control would have many forms: Germany in the.late1920s passed a simple gun registration law and then in 1938 passed a simple permit for gun ownership law and just did not hand out permits to anyone the Nazis had a dislike for..The two coupled together gave them the names of who had what guns and where to find them without the permit they would not issue to Jews, Pols, Communists, and a list that encompasses most of the non Aryan.race..This one might have been conceived from the English law allowing gun ownership to all Protestants..This left the Catholics.without a right to own a gun..Back to the IRA and the Armalite..Gun Laws — NO PROBLEM.

Have you noticed in the news that teachers do not want guns in the schools to protect the children. No police or retired police or military, No Ranges, civilians or trained teachers..Could it be that they are such hard Marxists that another school shooting may allow more control of guns to further the Fundamental Change they have planned for all of us..The thought of a few.hundred thousand well trained.retired Commissioned and Non-Commissioned take a couple of million target shooters, hunters, and plinkers.and old geezers who can hit a target at a mile of more to our New Valley Forge would put a big dent in that idea of a socialist takeover of the country..t

What is so fearful for the honorable veteran or patriotic citizen being armed as our Founding Fathers made perfectly clear what the Second Amendment was in place for..Tench Coxe as assistant Secretary of the US Treasury was directed to purchase firearms and ammunition for the people who could not afford them for the general protection of the States, their families and themselves..Why do they let the borders open to drugs human slavery and gangs beside the money that is surely to pass waiting hands in the night? Or maybe the want the kid to be unaware that the guns in the hands of honest citizens will prevent them from being hurt. Why do we continue to pay.for these 60’s reverts to represent us when the picture tells us what they do. Just sit on they rear ends.even when it is not the house floor..No intelligent arguments left in these duds so besides the impeach Trump talk we seem to just pay then to take up space. Nothing like a good old sit-in where their staff can bring gourmet meals, the air conditioning system is excellent and the camera cannot see the Old Crow bottles behind their backs..Look at the faces. Do you feel their pain? I hope not they are trying to take over our government by appealing to feelings and emotions..In private engineering meetings when nothing was going right someone would usually joke; It we can’t dazzle them with our footwork..we better baffle them with our bull spit. (a word has been changes to accommodate the more sensitive reader.) And this crew seems to have nothing to dazzle or baffle with so they just take up space and do their usual nothing. I guess that is why people are just walking around them in the bigger picture.


The Laogai does more than detain and “reform” convicts and dissidents; the Chinese government profits handsomely from the system. Prisoners, who are typically unpaid, provide a free source of labor in prison-run factories, farms, workshops, and mines, enabling these “businesses” to reap huge profits. Unfortunately, due to intentional deception on the part of the Chinese government, lax international labeling requirements, and reliance on middlemen exporters, Laogai products are difficult to identify and continue to find their way onto store shelves worldwide. Additionally, many governments are more than willing to “look the other way” in order to preserve their trading relationship with the world’s largest market and source of cheap labor.

Even if there is substantial evidence that a particular front company or middleman is selling prison-made.(slave labor) goods, it can still be exceedingly difficult to prove in courts, particularly when the most conclusive evidence would typically need to come from Chinese witnesses whose family may face retribution from their government if they testified..Executions and Organ Harvesting are a big international business and now that one state had passed a law to the cheers and standing ovations of the left we might start to see (correction we already saw Planned Parenthood selling body parts) prisoners being used to supplement the unfunded union pensions of the cities town and businesses.

How does a Communist Country get a little extra income from their prison and reform labor camps over using them to manufacture it light bulbs, cell, phones computers, wind mills, solar panels, wind mills and about everything else in the big retail stores. You can take comfort that it was a Rabbi, Priest Imam, Monk, Missionary and many other enemies of the state that helped to make your product cheaper. If interested they have come up with a new twist to marketing from th pages of Harry Wu’s Laogai Research Foundattion. A paragraph from his web page: "

Executions and Organ Harvesting.
More people are executed in China each year than in the rest of the world combined. Although the true number of executions per year in China is a closely guarded state secret, most human rights organizations agree the number is in the thousands, and some estimate it could be as high as 16,000. Beginning in the 1980s, the government began harvesting the organs of prisoners, typically for a profit. This macabre practice has since become commonplace, providing the State with yet another means of exploiting prisoners, even after their deaths: China harvests organs from executed prisoners on a large scale. According to the Ministry of Health, between 2000–2004, China carried out 34,726 organ transplants. Voluntary organ donation is almost unheard of in China, due to the traditional beliefs that the body must remain intact after death. Huang Jiefu, former Vice minister of health, admitted, “most of the organs from cadavers are from executed prisoners." I am sure the number has greatly increased as the wealthy can get the organs they need when they want them. Money talks louder than the cries of the poor. But the Lord is listening and he will speak at the end of time for every one of us.

17 All quotes sited that are in gray italic letters without quotation marks are paraphrased as I do not consider the source worthy of the effort of the dyslexic writer to look it up again after seeing it several times. I will guarantee the meaning and intent of the paraphrased citation to be honest and correct.
18 In George Reisman’s 2005 essay "Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian" — He explains that when the Utopians attack capitol ism buy calling the leaders fascists and Nazis. He makes three interesting points that I had to comment on in my own words:
First: The word NAZI is actually an abbreviation of "der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche ArbeitersPartei or broken down [NA]7tionalso[ZI]alistisch Deutsche ArbeitersPartei or [NAZI]. Putting it in English a word at a time [NA]tional ⁞ National [ZI]alistisch ⁞ Socialist — Deutsche ⁞ German — Arbiters ⁞ Workers — Patti ⁞ Party. Why would they call themselves Socialists if the were not Socialists? But the Communist and Marxists say they would not join the party. That is easy to come up with an answer to. a} you need an enemy to rally the people around you. And b] They wanted the whole pie just as they wanted all of Europe.
Second: They did not need to turn the population against them so they never considered nationalizing the factories and manufacturing facilities keeping the name, thew management and the working knowledge with the for man all would run at top efficiency for the German war effort. We had the same arrangement here. Most or our manufacturing went to the war effort. Car manufacturers made tanks, machine made the part and guns and ammunition and the garment industry ma der GI shorts, socks pants, shirts, jackets and other normal wear of an American Military person. All governed by Government Drawings, Government inspectors but not by force what it done but by patriotism. The FBI was there sometimes as some of the German beer halls forgot Their allegiance to the US and became the spies and saboteurs that had to be guarded against. After the war they returned the commercial world making the cars, sowing machines and even hunting and target equipment. The main difference here was Formed‎ on ‎26 April 1933 and called The [GE]heme [STA]Ats[PO]Lizzie ([GE]heme ⁞ Secret — [STA]Ats ⁞ State — [PO]Lizzie ⁞ Police), abbreviated GESTAPO. And the Gestapo was a great oppressive throttle on anyone who did not contribute the 100% to the work assigned.
Third: When the Nazis came into power in 1933 they used inflation to pay for the repair of the infrastructure, social benefits and rearmament of the Military. The inflation got so bad that workers were allowed to draw pay and go to the stores early before the prices increased every hour. I gave my great grandfather’s;s stamp collection to a person interest in stamps. The were just letters he got from relatives in Germany. The early stamps were very cheap but as time went on they went to one mark, two marks ten marks and then they just stopped printing the stamps with higher prices the were hand written over th last issued change so there were hundred marks, five hundred marks and up showing the inflation and then the letters stopped. No explanation they just stopped. In order to stop this totally destructive path through the heart of the economy the Nazis did the socialist trick always used. Wage and Price control by the central government. A good economic definition SHORTAGE is " Shortage is the condition resulting from a government trying to control inflation by price and wage control. what an inflation and e result of wage and price control and inflation is. We used to see if when the news would announce a hurricane and all the little old ladies who could get to the store would clear the shelves of toilet paper and batteries. and what happens different in a capitalist nation is then factories see a shortage in the futures market and raise prices to soften demand, Then make more money in the advanced pricing and in the delayed price reduction when demand slows down. Price controls prohibit that.and chaos comes to town. Now the Solstices in their name made it perfectly clear they were what they called themselves. And they did not have to nationalize the factories to be true to the name. Ask the Mercedes and BMW owners if it is a NAZI car
If interested in more of the article it is located at The essay


Translator: MI6-T21836
Translation Date: 22/11/1937
Transmitted to: OSC Office Box № 23211
Receipt Verification:USC223-00287231


From the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to comrade STALIN

In the NKVD POW camps and in the prisons of the western oblasts of Ukraine and Belorussia there is currently a large number of former officers of the Polish army, former Polish police officers and employees of intelligence agencies, members of Polish nationalist c-r (counterrevolutionary) parties, participants in underground c-r rebel organizations, defectors and so on. All of them are implacable enemies of Soviet power and full of hatred for the Soviet system.

POW officers and policemen located in the camps are attempting to continue c-r work and are leading anti-Soviet agitation. Each of them is simply waiting to be freed so they can have the opportunity to actively join the fight against Soviet power. ....


.....NKVD agents in the western oblasts of Ukraine and Belorussia have uncovered a number of c-r rebel organizations. In each of these c-r organizations the former officers of the former Polish army and former Polish police officers played an active leadership role. ....


.....Among the detained defectors and violators of the state- list available but unverified. ....


.....Signatures: In favor – Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov, Mikoyan and in In margin: Comrade Kalinin – In favor. Comrade Kaganovich – In favor. ....

... ...

....[Translator’s note: it was fortunate that the janitor who found this in the dust bin was not a German agent. He kept this for a memento of his job until he sold it to us for this project. It was just another pompous English High Ranking twit who tossed it into the dust bin instead of the burn bucket.] ...

20 It appears that a few probably still in grade school with their brains freshly laundered and pressed by a well trained Utopian educator had been told that Lincoln [at 28 years old] was a prophet who predicted this gloom about our present POTUS. That educator was probably the winner of the Utopian teacher of the week three weeks running for passing that thought on to her class. For the information of all those who have educators spewing the same nonsense do not bother to correct them as they have power over your grades and they like their predecessors in Russia and China will use the power to keep you silent. Just be aware of the times Mr. Lincoln was living in. The local newspaper had just a few day prior reported riot had occurred with th ed result a man was lynched in the street. He was talking about the lack of self control present in the nation that lead to the riot and the hanging of a man. Today we see anarchy in our streets. If we are saddened by that and speak out we are just having a natural reaction to the same forces at play as when that rot took place. Our republic is in a state of contradiction over slavery and states rights then and now we are is a contradiction of the story of the i prefer ‘ignorant’ instead of what I fear ‘foreign trained agents’ trying to bring our Republic down by peddling snake oil to our children. This was exacerbated by Europe’s interests in having the South separate from the Union to gain a share of the cotton the south had. As president he signed the the proclamation to free the slaves. Imagine a Republican doing something like that. Thank you for your totally ignorant comments on Lincolns words. You present the perfect example of why a sixteen year old still need a crossing guard to cross a street and should not be allowed to vote until you learn what your thoughts are and not the thoughts you were told to have. . .
21 .

... “Three Years to Think” .

I was the guest of a hospital ICU department packed in ice like a fresh caught cod fish. I was in an induced coma with life support, operated on and due to kidney failure put on dialysis all because of having a 106℉ fever for over a week caused by Salmonella Newport. I was introduced to Sam and Ella about a day prior to being brought to ER where I remained conscious for about 5 minutes. The next 7 or 8 days is totally unknown to me. Sam and Ella were not from Newport. They came in a 5 pound bag of hamburger contaminated by a few cows from New Mexico by way of a meat packer in California. I used some of that meat to make one hamburger (on the rare end of the spectrum) when I was very hungry. This was in the last half of December 2016. I was released to a Rehab facility the day before Christmas and to home PT and VT about a month later. I was recovering well with 2 hours a week of PT at a local facility but I was having balance problems, tripping and falling sometimes and dropping things all the time. I was on a blood thinner for my Atrial Fibrillation and with every fall I was required to be checked out in the ER.
I was returning from setting up my target at 100 years to sight in my new rifle before going to the 500 meter range when returning from the 100 yard line I tripped and became entangled in a clothes line stretched across the range marking a mandatory distance for pistol qualifications. I had conditioned the barrel on a previous trip and was just a new scope mounting had to be verified. My wife being a nurse insisted I get to the hospital but I having made the forty-five minute drive to the range a target set up insisted that I set up my new Nightforce scope before leaving the range. My wonderful placement of a rather large hole blood filled hole in the desert floor with my nose got me a CT scan of my head and neck. The CT reveled a sever stenosis in my C4 through C6 vertebra. Later research when I got home showed me reports of this in each of the last 6 years radiology reports that no one I can remember ever told me about. After talking to many surgeons I thing now one was willing to work on it so silence was acceptable. I did find one surgeon in Tucson that was positive and said it would be a very difficult operation and he would have to study the CT to see if it was possible due to its location and would operate if he had come up with a plan for the operation. He did and as the tripping and dropping keep getting worse we set a date for the operation.
Next was a very large number of specialists to obtain clearance for this operation. But a week before the operation one of the pack found a over 80 percent blockage in my left carotid artery which stopped the other operation. So off to the alternate neck surgery and then recovery and finally ready for the next operation on the cervical spine and the surgeon had to have an operation. Finally six months ago I got the operation and dropping things has stopped. I still trip but have not fallen. Tripping is a function of how distracted I am when working In my garage as I tend to leave things all over the floor as I sue and discard the tools and parts replaced and top be installed. I just got l=clearance to drive but still have my neck brace on and it is almost 6 months since the operation. I still have 2 hours a week PT as I try to walk normally again. .
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..... “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States
in order to establish a more perfect Union, establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. . .”’ ....
..... These are the first words of our constitution and where has our Senators and Representatives gone, They lie, tear apart the Union, laugh at justice unless they are corrupting it to persecute an opponent, use our money to buy votes and steal it from our defense and general welfare. They borrow money from foreign powers in order to give our enemies funds to use against us. It is are might and military that defends the security of Europe and they complain because we want then to pay for a share of it. They are the cause of most of the trouble in the world because of their colonial past and yet have the gall to tell us we made mistakes. I was fortunate in our bicentennial to be working in England and the nerve to send out Independence day cards to several of the snobs I new there as well as a few friends who could take the joke. It was along the theme that this was their bicentennial and WE THE PEOPLE granted them Independence but the became lonely and came back and we had to spank them and send them home to learn how to be independent on their own. Europe divided up the world, changes the names of tribes and formed countries that are still fighting within themselves. Arrogant and self serving they kept India, Ireland and other lessor places under English rule for too long and eventuality (sometimes with force) ejected from the countries they said loved them so. ...
..... We brought Europe to peace in the First World War and tried to help rebuild it but petty rulers and restrictions on each other with France being exceptionally hard on Germany brought about the Second World War. Again we pulled them out of that mess and rebuilt them to be a competitor and still protect them and what do we get in return A pile of manure they call the EU’s bureaucracy trying to make us like them..Misery loves company would be my guess why. ...
..... This website has been delayed due to the three surgeries a coma and PT and my brain is just coming back to normal... So hang on as I improve i will lean even harder on the Marxist, Communists, socialist and those who continue to vote by family or union.tradition and not who will be best for the country. .
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‎Hauptsturmführer Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz labeled the Angel of Death (German: Todesengel). Born: 1911-03-16 Died‎: ‎7 February 1979-02-07 at age 67; Rank‎: ‎SS-Hauptsturmführer SS Captain in 1945. Education: Physician.SS service‎: ‎1938–1945. Died swimming in South America of reported heart attack.
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..‎Painting of the The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775 by the American artist John Trumbull..General Joseph Warren was fighting as a privater (see clothes he has on) in order to be with his militia to encourage the men under his command..The battled was won by the British but as a terrible cost. Causalities were three to five times heavier on the British side as they were ordered to charge up the hill with full regulation back packs and uniforms..Attack after attack met by marksman was a deadly insult for the British and helped the image of the militia as being able to stand and fight the British very well..The militia lost the battle because they had run out of ammunition during the last charge..The Battle of Bunker Hill was on June 17, 1775 a year before the start of the war (at least on paper.) Warren, an influential Massachusetts physician and politician, had been commissioned as a general but he served in the battle as a volunteer private. He was killed during or shortly after the storming of the redoubt atop Breed's Hill by British troops

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