An Adult Arcade is any place where the games cost more than a kid (and sometimes the Adults) can afford. The kids must have adult supervision at all times. The gun noise, smoke and excuses are free. There are no experts that will not help you if you ask. And experience shows that most of the people there can use the help. The majority of people use the 100 yard ranges as it is the the common distance to sight in your rifle but some will sight in at 200 meters or more. My arcade has a many different ranges. Like any big city arcade you can choose the game you want to play. I like the 500 meter arcade gamer with my 308. You can see that you hit the gong as it moves and most people can hear the gong. But then I found the 1000 yard arcade game. You cannot see where you hit the target so there is an necessity for a shooter to stay in the target pit to mark the targets for the other shooters and cover the holes for the next round of fire. The pit is concrete and deep to avoid the bullets no matter where the shooters misses. The line of fire is about 8 or 10 feet over your head. The worst damage you can get in the pit is if someone hits low and sand flies into the pit. Never look up during a firing session most there could use the help. My Adult Arcade is the Tucson Rifle Club on the Ajo Highway about a mile or two past the Boarder Patrol Station heading away from Tucson in Three Point, Arizona. There are two many arcades to write about here but I will talk about the ones I use the most.

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