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Welcome to my new long distance powder page

The DATA below are Experimental except for the max and 10 percent low starting load values Alliant gave>
Powder Name Velocity in fps at 2 inches from muzzle with Sierra 250 grain MK and GK
RL-2684.586.087.589.190.6 ~ ~

Alliant Powder® finally brought ReLoader № 33 for the .338 Lapua Magnum shooters and RL № 26 for the other magnum shooters to the US. RL № 33 was specifically designed for the Lapua 338 Magnum Alliant Powder Logo as a military powder. for targets I reload the 250 gr. Sierrra MK at 3000 fps with 101.8 grains of RL-33 and that is still 1.7 grains below Allients max load for my 250 gr Sierra MK load I use. If I am shooting silhouettes I use the Sierra GM. It does not put holes in the little metal thingies. Not that it will do any good for other rifles but just for historical reference my CBTO is set to + 0.002 ± 0.001 off lands and headspace held at +0.002 ± 0.001 clearances with bullets matched for bearing surface within ± 0.001 and cleaned tip to ogive within ± 0.001 Cases are Lapua and they are annealed after every shot and necks resized and then trimmed to within ± 0.001 of the length they were at matching.

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