Top Ten List of Despots
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The truth is never gone but it can be well concealed.

Evil is cunning when hiding itself but time reveals its secret. What is the secret? The secret, by the misdirection of our thoughts and faith. Magicians misdirect our eyes the misdirection of our sight, like a cleaver magician hides what he is doing with misdirection of our eyes to his diversion. And what is evil hiding but himself. His minions help this by teaching that Evil is only a primitive superstition but what else could direct the events of the last century but Evil. The diversion are many: sports,fantasy sports, TV, our very job for th Type A, even religion can be a diversion for some. The greater the presence of Evil, the more profound a scars it leaves on humanity. Its goal is the total destruction of the human race and destroy Gods Plan for us. He cannot stop getting even for being tossed from the heavens and we are supposed to get there.

Every measure of prudence, therefore, ought to be assumed for the eventual total extirpation of slavery from the United States I have, throughout my whole life, held the practice of slavery in abhorrence.—” — John Adams

Ladies and Gentleman is with great disdain I have these damaged human beings on my website but I am pointing out the strength that Real Evil has on some of the people in the world. All of the top ten must show even the most dimwitted Utopian the face of real evil (not a TV show.) It has influenced everyone we see, hear or read about in the world. How did WWI affect your families psyche? WWII made the first one look like a kindergarden pageant. How were your parents or grand parents changes by that. The Korean War (Those that were not there call it a police action) and we still have the heir to the country a evil as the rest of them his country is not rich enough to do more. The Public School System from Pre-School through the PhD degree you are paying for has slowly made your children into indoctrinated kids whose minds were so easily saturated with the Counter Culture of Marx. How were the children you sent into that system changes into the Socialism. These fine examples of the ability to kill who, where or when any person, group of persons or entire ethnic groups with a single command what will prevent them from killing you when their sociopathic minds thing you may be plotting against them. When the purges are done will you be among the ones standing around the gathering place to hear them say: “Well done and pass the Champagne” These despots form the best example of what a horribly misguided sociopaths our founding fathers warned us about. And the prompt sign flashes to the minions: “Applaud, clap, cheer, whistle, give a standing ovation, continue - continue” - “STOP! Stop! Guards shoot a few to get their attention.”


Ministers of Death who never lost a life in the defense of their people but in strengthening their hold on power over them. Their own unquenchable desire for the power to hold the Utopia of their dreams would ever needed any rational reason to justify it. The final answer to all problems is eliminate the problem by killing all your enemies.

№ 10 Ismail Enver Pasha 2.5 Ismail Enver Pasha was the leader of the Young Turk Revolution and became more powerful as he led the Ottoman Empire in World War I and the Balkan Wars. But despite his battlefield experience he was a very bad commander of the army and lost battle after battle still very bad at leading an army as he lost battle after battle. To compensate for the losses he killed over 1.5 million Armenians and enough people of other races to get a body count over 2,500,000. What a sweet Utopian.
№ 9 Pol Pot 2.5 As communist leader of Cambodia, Pol Pot envisioned a country that would be equal by any means. So he in some form of insanity thought of sending city people to the farms and the farm people to the city. As expected, he did not get the results he wanted, so he then resorted to punishing people and depriving them of their right to education, medication, and nutrition. He even executed about 2.5 million who were not able to make is ideas a sucess.
№ 8 Nikolai II Aleksandrovich 3.0 Anti-Semitic, idealistic, and very violent, “Bloody Nicholas,” as he was sometimes called, cost Russia 3 million lives.
№ 7 Robert Mugabe 3.1 Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe had 20,000 civilians in one Provence executed when he did not receive one vote from there. During his time in office, over 3.1 million Zimbabweans lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood due to his “land reform program,” which amounted to bulldozing any village that voices dissent.
№ 6 Vladimir Lenin 5.0 Vladimir Lenin has received more assassination attempts after he instituted the “Red Terror,” and the systematic elimination of millions of people including members of his own political party.
№ 5 Hideki Tojo 5.0 When he was assigned to be general in the Imperial Japanese Army, Hideki Tojo was not content with his position, so he also assumed the position of Prime Minister, Army Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister, Education Minister, and Commerce Minister…talk about a lot of responsibility. He also made ties with the Nazis hoping that he would rise to power alongside Hitler. Due to his relentless acts of attacking other Asian countries, he was directly responsible for the deaths of over 5 million individuals.
№ 4 Leopold II of Belgium 15.0 As a colonial leader of Belgium, Leopold II was famous for essentially enslaving and killing nearly 15 million Congolese under the guise of his Congo Free State. Other European powers granted him the territory to improve the lives of its inhabitants. Instead, he used them for his own personal gain and committed some of the worst atrocities in history.
№ 3 Adolf Hitler, Possibly born Adolf Schicklgruber. 17.0 Adolf Hitler changed his surname from the sir name of his father because his his father was an illegitimate son and at birth was given was give his mother's maiden name Schicklgruber. After leading the entire world into war as well as committing numerous war crimes, he certainly deserves a spot on this list. The NAZI party was just an abbreviation for The National Socialist German Workers Party. Did anyone ever hear a NAZI say hey! We made a mistake we are fascist and not socialists. Germany is a strict interpreter of language as a nation that even has rules on making beer. If they were not socialist than the NAZI PARTY WOULD NOT ALLOW THE WORD SOCIALIST INTO THEIR NAME. See Note № 11
№ 2 Josef Stalin 19.0 Born with a drunkard for a father who is reported to have beaten him every night had a birth name of Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili He changed it to Josef StalinMany experts agree that of the lack of official records (hidden, destroyed and lost) estimates that six million people died in the Gulag ,six million due to famine planned and due to poor planning, His forced labor camps, purges, wars. Genocide, Starvation by planned famine (Holodomor). His father gave little Joe a great training routine to perfect his mass murderer talents. For those that think he is holding a revolver it in not one. It is a pipe to help him look like what he could never be.
№ 1 Mao Zedong 62.5 Famous for being one of the communist leaders of the Republic of China beginning around World War II, Mao Zedong was a ruler who thirsted for power. In his first five years, he killed about 49 to 76 million people by indiscriminately sentencing them to death. His policies also starved about 20 million, and on top of that, he had numerous enemies of the state executed.

There may be others worse than these but do not be the vote that puts them into power or the missing vote that hands over the power they need to rise above those listed below. And the worst vote of all is the traditional vote. Voting the way your school teachers, family, union, religion, ethnic group or race always is told to vote or always has voted is totally contrary to why you have the right to vote. The people (WE) are the ones our constitution put in charge of the government. The government was never to have charge of us in any matter other than our defense. From Teddy Roosevelt grabbing enough land in the West to fill Europe and his cousins Great Ponzi Scheme (Social Security) that is a piggy bank for buying votes for the elected we thought were representing us. How about the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on our constitution. Diverting our tax dollars in directions the Founding Fathers never imagined a rational citizen of this country would put up with. Are we all too busy to hold our representatives accountable for how they seem we are their money cow and they can milk us any time the need to buy a vote here or a vote there.

If they are sworn to uphold the constitution then they are in violating it the new white collar crooks taking our earned money and redistributing it to by the vote that comes with each person that sells their vote to them for what. Nothing they are still in poverty and no better off for voting again and again for someone who never helps. Now we have a person who helps. The job opportunities are growing by the day. And our representatives are noticing that the more the president does fore the people the more they have to get rig of him. Now today December 18, 2019 they have gathered and have voted on a total party line like a Party of groveling minions loyal only to Queen Nasty who looks the other way so as not to see what she had to ride through to get into the safety of her gated community. What need for guns have they with armed body guards and bullet proof limos. What is their reason and evidence to impeach a president. They do not like him because he is fixing the mess of Eighty years of Progreessive power growth in this Republic.

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