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When you are eating or drinking in a public place and spot Military Personnel or First Responders show your appreciation for what they are doing for you by having the manager or your server place some part of their tab on yours anonymously. All their tab if you are the lottery power ball winner


That was last year before my cervical spine surgery now it is six months later and my brain is finally starting up and running for a few hours in the early morning hours from 2 to 4 so things will be filling in slowly.. I am over 50 pages short and I just go t permission to drive so we will see when that Data is ready to be worked.

I am just finishing the new template for the website and there is no email as I am transferring to a bigger server and have not got the time to answer questions so forget about contact for now. My domain name is back from some system that knew I had the same name for over fifteen years but must have a need to build up the intrigue their security system and stalling for a month as if the effort is so great they should get a tip or something.

So you is hear because either you or me caused a tiny mistake in spelling of something. You must know by now that $hit happens all the time so just calm down and come back in a few weeks and you will feel better about the sight. What ever you do do not use the complaint page as it is not their. Bo all the suggestions a friendly website will give you trying to make you feel better and not have the conniption that some people get with a mistake and going straight to our Complaint Department will just upset you more as it is where I complain about picky people telling me I screwed up.

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