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“ A wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. ” — Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

First: The Outline

  1. I will no longer bill, take or receive any remuneration for my services.
  2. Other Engineers will still be paid the established rates on the rate page.
  3. Their invoicing is as an independent contractor and has nothing to do with me. They will be paid as per your contract with them.
  4. My invoice will be sent from Crossfire Engineering and paid to any Approved Charities.All I want is their receipt which you will mark up woth just the invoice number you have received from me. I do not want my name or company listed or known to the charaty(s) you are donating to. In proof of payment made You must obtain a receipt for the invoice amount from the charaty and it must be signed by a officer of the charity. With a note on it that they may be asked to verify the an the receipt payment by a third party auditor from Crossfire.
  5. My name or Crossfire’s is not to be on the receipt. It should be identified to you or your company and have nothing of Crossfire’s information on it but the invoice number in upper left corner of receipt to link payment to a specific invoice.

All of my travel Expenses and lodging/meals will be invoiced in the established method of commerce but my labor time and travel time invoices will be paid to one of the charities listed on the charities page. On-Site is different in that I will collect funds to cover travel and per Diem on a separate invoice from the labor one and it will be payable to me on the usual 1099 basis. Any time I spend will be on the labor invoice and I do not want any of the money or my name or company name associated with the donation. Your payment to me will be a receipt for the donation and my invoice number on it written by you after your donation and before you mail it to me to close the invoice.

If you would like a different charity on the list and it does not violate my never in a million year clause it will be put on the Approved Charities. If we are at your site we will collect travel expenses and per Diem as listed in our See Engineering Rates, per Diem_travel. My travel includes time it takes to arrive on site and the time from the method of transportation to work station. We will not spend half an hour walking from some employee parking lot to our assigned work station for free. Walking parking lots and large facilities will be invoiced as regular labor and payment is to one of the charities in the form of your donation at the same labor rate as productive work. All the work I do will do for our customers will be invoiced to them and they will be responsible to pay it in a timely manner by a donation in the invoice amount to one of my Approved Charities.


The whole plan will be on hold until it is approved by the IRS. I know that what they say is never a guarantee so it will also depend on a review and go ahead from our financial and accounting people. I have concern that the IRS may rule that it was our money and we donated it to charity in excess of the allowed percentage so we will have to pay taxes on money we never received. So we sit and wait.


The approved charities on our list are all verified to have a history of over 90% of the money collected go to the work of that charity, not the administration and promotion of the charity. If you do not see a charity that you want on the list, send the name and address of that charity and we will look at it for inclusion on the list. You will notice certain legal aid and others of the more violent to humanity are while having a high rating are not on the list so do not expect to ever see one that we will work for for any reason.


I will accept no money or commission for handling the money of other engineers as we have a accountant to do that. I want no credit for your donation in any way. The receipt from a charity should not bare my name in any way. I will collect my travel and per Diem expenses when at your site. Other than that everything goes as your donation to an approved charity.

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