“ Son of man, speak to the citizens of our Republic, and say unto them, When I bring the sword against a nation, the citizens of that nation will appoint one that nations people to be their watchman and give them warning if he sees the sword comming into their nation. The watchman who sees the sword come upon his nation and gives warning to his countrymen and those who hear the warning but take no action are responsible for their own death. Those hearing the warning and heeding the warning shall escape death. If the watchman sees the sword coming does not sound the warning and the sword comes and kills any of those not warned by the appointed watchman they will die for their own sins and I will hold the watchman guilty for for their death. So you, son of man, I have set YOU a watchman unto the house of your nation; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them for Me.” — Ezekiel 33: 2-7 Priest and Prophet to the captives in Babylon 592 ±5 years BC is paraphrased today by me.


Does the Lord speak to the prophet alone or is speaking to each one of Us when he calls to him as Son of Man. I believe we are all addressed by the salutation son of man and not just hey Zeke. This instructs us to call attention to what we see going on and not just assume everyone sees it. Democrats go to the local party meetings and see what they are up to. Republican go to your party meetings and see what they are up to. Independents go to everyone's meetings and see what they all are up to. Get involved with the school boards and see what they are up to. The same goes for the town hall meetings, the board meetings. Study or get to know on a personal basis the candidates you are voting for. You are the watchmen, so get out and watch Our Republic goes when the Constitution goes little by little. PC people want the First Amendment to go away, Utopians want the Second Amendment to go away, Communists want the Forth Amendment to go away. And what a wonderful world we could have?


I was just sitting around recovering from my cervical spine operation and thinking the way I could do things back when I thought I would never make it to my eighteenth year 18 and how I may be turning seventy-six before another the New Year ball drops in New York when suddenly my 160 pound Zeke pounces on my lap. Zeke was named after my one of my top three favorite prophets. Puppies seem to do things when you never expect them to do it and Zeke was no exception. His litter mate Ziva is different she can creep up so softly you never notice until the licking starts. They have no registered breed but their travel papers say Large Guardian Dog. They are not guard dogs in the sense they would attack an intruder. When the coyotes make their nightly trip down our wash between midnight and three AM Zeke stands guard with his best ferocious barks at the fence while Ziva will give a bark or two and run back to us, circle us and check if we are OK than it is back to the fence for a few quick barks and another round of her act begins again. Ziva is constantly touching us to check if we are in distress. On the daytime commute of their cousins from the Latrans side of the family do their return trek up the wash two of them sit in the yard and actually howl in some sort of mutually recognizable language from the distant past. They track the footsteps of everyone who comes into their area of protection. Even after hours go buy their noses can follow the footsteps of any visitor(s). If they could stay focused long enough they could be blood hounds but any distraction will set them off in another direction. So why all this. They study everything around them. Constantly checking us to see we are OK and that every bit of their environment is checks continually. They are the watchman of the house. We must be the watchman, of our Republic. Exekiel said" “The Lord came to me and said: ‘Son of man, I have appointed you watchman for your people.’” Tench Coxe wrote in an editorial: “Who are the Militia but ourselves.” And I say “Who are the sons of man told to be the watchmen but ourselves.”

Watchmen we have been asleep for too long. Our taxes are used to buy the votes of the poorly educated product of the schools our tax money pays to indoctrinate our children. Our pockets are further picked for the money our “representatives and senators” use to buy the votes of these children to keep themselves. I had a friend I worked with and he told me one day that he toook his brother to the local social security office (the biggwest Ponzi scheme in the world) and the agent there who was actually in shock when my friends 60 year old brother had no work record but he dutifully handed out Social Security savings to him who actually did no work in his life. What are the new high sxchool graduates expecxting to have left of their SS deductions when they retire? What can they do except pay and pay again into the Ponzi game.

Where are the union watchmen that pay dues to support their leaders who are bringing millions of illegals across our boarders to take your their for a fraction of their salary and say they are for you. We vote for mayors and selectmen who cave in to all demands and do it because they are either lazy, incompetent, thing it is not their money so what or are on the tab for a quick cash flow increase for just raising the sales tax and the property tax rate with no regard for the family that is on fixed income and will loose their home due to default to property tax that is higher than what thy originally paid for their home.

Whether out of fear, laziness or lack of knowledge we have been silent too long. The age of the Ponzi scheme as a financial world racket is over. It is now a our local state and federal government means of keeping their incomes flowing on over half of what we earn working full time. Ben Franklin hit the nail on the head when he wrote “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Is no one looking at who gets the reward for spending our social security fund on buying votes. Who gets the money colected from our salaries to support the socialist countries around the world as if it was still 1945 and their countries were destroyed by the intregues of Europe and Japan. Well its time to allow them and their bureaucracies to support themselves. We gave them 75 years of support and what do they cause for us but dept and grief. They run lavish departments to hand out our money to support their citizens with services we cannot affort to give our onw people. So who do ore representatives in congress really support?

Using the money they take from our pockets to look benevenent to our enemies aand the enemies of our friends. From the secrets kept from us about their support of Stalin Chirchill and Roosevelt gave substantila aide to a man more ruthless overrun and supplying the defense of other nations who not only expect it but demand it from us. Who but a certified nut or a person getting a kickback would borrow money to help other nations who hate us for the reason we can do it and ? Who would want to increase the dependence of people on government assistance except someone who is an idiot or is getting something for the marvelous show of our humanity not theirs as it is not their money they are using. Jefferson said: “ I predict happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” The governments take our money and do with it what ever they want we support a court system that is in large areas of the country run not by jurisprudence but partisan interests. We pay for defense and it is used in foreign nations not ours. We send money and help to disaster victims and so we should but our governments do not order a change in the victims place or way of preparing for a the one coming next year. So year after year the same people are rewarded for the same mistakes. The various levels of government lay taxes on cigarettes and liquor to save the poor smoker or alcoholic from their sins. But do they address the cause and just stop making it a money cow that just keeps on giving.? The correct answer is NO! Schools spend a great amount of our real estate taxes on not what the founders wanted public education to be what? The correct answer for those who went to public schools in the last thirty years: “MORALITY AND CIVICS” is the correct answer. “Sex Education, Nonsense Arithmetic and Retracted History and Pure, What Ever Helps China, Pulp Fiction Science” for those who graduated from public school in the last fifty years.

“ And the Lord said to Ezekiel, ‘I have appointed you the watchman for the house of Israel. When you here a word from my mouth, you shall warn them for me. If I say of the wicked man, you shall surely die; and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his wicked conduct so that he may live: that man shall die for his sin, but I will hold you for responsible for his death. If, on the other hand, you have warned the wicked man, yet he has not turned away from his wicked conduct, then he shall die for his sin but you shall save your life.’” —Ezekiel 3: 17-21, Priest and Prophet to the captives in Babylon 592 ±5 years BC is paraphrased today by me.

And here’s me telling myself and you it is time to wake we act like the watchmen we are supposed to be. If I do not then I will be guilty for what the next despot will do when Utopians introduce Socialist and Marxist rule to our once beautiful Republic. They have claimed the school system as the introduction to the Ponzi Game to minds that trusted their teachers for a decade or more and now they are voting in the very people who want them as servants and free labor but that is on another group of pages.

“ I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” — Benjamin Franklin.


And here’s me telling myself and you it is time to wake we act like the watchmen we are supposed to be. If I do not then I will be guilty for what the next despot will do when Utopians introduce Socialist and Marxist rule to our once beautiful Republic. They have claimed the school system as the introduction to the Ponzi Game to minds that trusted their teachers for a decade or more and now they are voting in the very people who want them as servants and free labor but that is on another group of pages.

I have made this change because I have ignored the words of Exekiel and find myself gilty of allowing this thing that has taken over much of my life and country may be stoped by the Grace and Might of Our Creator. May he have Mercy on our ignoring our duty to the children to havce allowed them to come so close to the real threight of slavery to the Utopian life.


The pictures of the Death Caamps, Labor Camps and Slave Labor Camps as well as the source of the idea of such things came out of Frisco on our once beautiful West Coast were too graphic to allow on a indexed page. Having been cut out of twitter ovwer a few of my political cartoons in the 2016 election I figured that I cannot be barred from my own web server. So I got me a server and started the transition.

The Tsunami may never be far off shore even if God gives us the power to defeat its evil in the 2020 elections. With every class graduating from all levels of our Public Education System it gets more threatening and higher in magnitude. I hear families saying their children finish college and are not the same as when they were living at home. They change a little every year in grade school and high school but the change is so obvious after college that it cannot be missed. We have the most expensive educational system in the world and its cost is placing a burden on the working and retired people of this country in the form of property taxes. This tax is the cruelest one of all the taxes in the world. Now some of these Utopians we have elected may devise an even greater threat to the working class world but may not be the last of this type to come along it this trend is allowed to continue. Without consideration to many aspects of our rights of all individuals to vote we now have the situation of the quote above. It is floating about equal numbers of the people who work and the people who spend the money of the workers. When this happens the pockets of the workers can be legally cleaned out by the government by the mandate of the non working class. As I say this is not about voting rights it is about Private property rights and the rights of the people in a free society to keep the money they earn and not share with the people who do the opposite of Kennedy’s speech where he said “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy. Now people are voting for the people who will give them the most the politicians can take from the working class from the minimum wager earner to the billionaire. It is the money and benefits that count and not the source of it that gets the vote.

The property tax has no ties to income. It is forced upon everyone with no respect for the fact that families took a lifetime to pay for it their house only to have it claimed for delinquent taxes due to illness or a faulty Social Security System paying inmates and Drug addicts. Teachers are having the students campaigning for they salary increases with operations like ‘red for ed’ no grammatical mistake it does not deserve a double quote or capital letters when I see classrooms empty and students of all ages dressed in these red shirts out demonstrating instead of being taught the subjects this country is ranked lower in proficiency than most third world countries. These are not signs of an American freedom our founders fought for. Where are the watchmen when this is happening. Are they at the ball game, the pool hall, the bar, or gym, brothel or worse in a committee meeting.

So why didn’t the watchmen blow their trumpets? The answer is the watchman have been educated by the same system and know nothing of being an American. The books that give the teachers their lessons, their examples, the proper answers to the homework they give out all in the one carefully planned to keep the students questioning if America is on the right path. From history to math, Science to cooking every aspect has been carefully woven with the message that America is not on the right path. With the elimination of anything positive and the negative truths of our past presented without the time in history when these events took place to give context to the historical facts as related to what the world was doing the message of America guilt is obvious to the uneducated of all countries starting up the message that any positive opinion of America is unjustified. This left many children with families that were trained in the same schools and had not way of recognizing the brain washing of their children or the knowledge to teach them that the teachers were wrong. So the wave off the shoreline gets stronger and closer with each generation.

So can the children’s indoctrination into the socialist voting list be blamed on the watchmen of today or those of Seventy years ago who never listened to the McCarthys or the Caseys who long ago were were telling us about it. Maybe as shown in the bible human nature gets itself into a situation similar to ours in about every hundred or so years. All morality is lost in government. Education and family life is broken. All the flood gates of immorality are permitted and endorsed. The sin of the time is correction and punishment based on how good you have been to bringing people to their senses.

Ezekiel’s prophesy about the watchman was the main reason but the opportunity to read it came during reason one so the order is skewed form least important to most important of the three reasons. We cannot talk to him to as him what he was talking about in 3:17-21 and chapter 33 and he might not have an answer for our time meaning of it. That is reserved for the prayerful reflection of his words or the force which is driving you to those paragraphs over and over again. Some say the Prophet was called by the Lord son of man other sources (catering to the new PC rules) say son of dust it matters not as we are all sons (and daughters) of man and dust. We all have have hears it many times at funerals of friends and relatives “from dust you came and to dust you shall return.” Why are the watchmen not telling people that when you do not vote it is a vote for the person you like the least? No one has had a civics class in high school for decades and are watchmen cannot even discern what evil lies within the walls of Utopia. A no vote is not neutral. We should be warning our friends to not just get out the vote but to vote with their brains not their family traditions and make them realize that a no voter give you the worst of what you wanted. A blind vote is the only thing worse than not voting as it is a vote against your own interests and a vote in favor of your own freedom. So some watching watchman that have been a 50 year sleep are now awakening but it may be too late.. Use your brain not your feelings. Decide on your own and not just a name you know or a charismatic appearance. From Pol Pot, through Hitler and Stalin right up to the horrific works of despotism of Mao. How is it the watchmen do not say something about this; e.g. Mao’s responsibility for 60 million deaths with his implementation of his idea of what Utopia should look like.socialist goals. I guess the watchmen were all out drinking on watchwomen night. Did any watchman ever warn you of that? Everyone should investigate where supporting them got their followers. The all became paranoid and at every whisper

This is the job of the watchman Zeke wants you to wake up and warn the ignorant about. With government and it tentacles of bureaucracies of unelected people making life and death decisions for each one of us. Our Senators and Representatives do not write our laws of even read them before they sigh them. Their staff of interns do it for them (remember Pelosi demanding her party to vote for it and they they can read it. Makes you thing Pelosi is paying them and not us. We now have the UN-affordable health care act. If the premiums don’t get you the co-pays will. No our congress has its aids and interns all graduating from our liberal colleges and universities with the seeds of victim implanted in their brains and with it the solution: Socialism or Marxist or Fascist (there is no real difference to the population as each ism making up the package I call Utopianism all lead to leads to economic collapse and a totalitarian dictator. The decline always follows the same general path as shown in :5


Socialism is a Ponzi (See footnote Number 1 scheme and as with its derivative the chain letter The first in make up the winners and shows us the remarkable good results for a while and then falls to pieces rather quickly. The saying “Socialism works fine until it runs out of other peoples money” was popular in England when I was there. This watchman has a page on this which will as an engineer and not an economist sees it tell why it is to be feared and shunned and never embraces. The end of socialism comes in the form of Communism They all try to keep the system together by printing enormous amounts of money to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat but the money printing leads to exponential expansion of inflation. Wage and price control becomes the only solution in the socialist bag of tricks. This is the point where socialism and the rest Utopian economics fail but where capitalism succeeds. In the Utopian thought process incentives are thought to be anywhere from unnecessary to being a crime. Price and wage controls affect the supply of goods as the restriction on prices with the inflation cause the raw materials and production of food to cost more to produce than the price fixed by the centralized bureaucrats. price to the consumer and finally the BLACK MARKET and collapse of any legitimate source for basic needs. All destroyed by malicious intent or simple stupidity of a typical bureaucrats and hirelings and interns writing the laws we elected people to write. So this Ezekiel may not have known what we would be facing today but he is warning the watchmen to wake up and do something. we are and I with you are warned to wake up and spread the word. Polish your trumpets and start warning the people about how nice Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and the rest of the en slavers of the body and soul on mankind.

One last question for 50 points and like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” the points don‘ count. Why do people believe they will be happy with a socialist system? Could it be that the public education we paid for has that Teacher’s Book that ignored our good points (note these points count.) Where were the watchmen when those books were given to the teachers to dictate what was to be taught and how it was to be presented? and was more interested in our mistakes of the past while praising the socialist approach to oblivion. Are the teachers being deceived by what they learned in school about the success rate of the socialist system of government or are they complicit in it propagation? History shows the results of a socialist government is always the same.So why didn’t the watchmen give a toot on their trumpets? The answer is the Watchmen Gun never had any use for Ezekiel or the rest of the old annoying men.

Footnote № 1.

As with any socialist takeover in the past gun confiscation is their first and most important priority. No one can take control with several million hunters, target shooters and retire military with the officers sworn to uphold our constitution for life if we have our guns. This step is always first on the agenda. Did you know that our gun registration program is modeled after the 1928 German gun registration law so that when they passed the 1938 law requiring people to have permits only loyal Germans could get the permits and the others had their guns confiscated for not having the required permit to have a gun. Next is turning the money printing machines to full speed causing inflation beyond the ability to print the stuff on lower values every day that goes buy. Stamps are marked up with rubber stamps and ink until that is too expensive. Next money and stamps are and marked with the value. Supply lines crumble as transportation costs rise and supplies to the suppliers cannot be made because of price controls. Workers must be let off at lunch time to get to the stores before the prices go up by end of day and the supplies dwindle. Then comes the black market buying up everything and selling it at a profit that the normal person cannot afford but the socialists can as black markets survive on dealing with the government to the mutual advantage of each. At this stage the secret police are required to know what people are thinking and the schools are trained to instruct the children in their duty to report any suspicious actions or speech of the family so that it may be corrected before it becomes a hazard. The very same people who wanted open borders now close them off to all possible slave labor that might escape the country, death camps are constructed to take care of the opposition, mass executions are required to prevent any possibility of an organized resistance, as the the despot in charge there is no price too dear to pay to insure its paranoid mind has no worries from any imagined plot that might drift across his brain cells on a bad day. To obtain money the Chinese model of the work camps building cell phones, TVs, Wind mills, solar panels, cutting lumber and selling organs is the most efficient way to have the upper level of the socialist class live the life of royalty. Those out n the streets protesting one thing or another should realize they are calling for their own destruction as free speech is a crime, “If we do not allow people to have guns, why would we allow people to have ideas?” Uncle Joe Stalin. And the answer is [and I think you know this one] the watchmen were working on their fantasy sports teams.
stopped at chapter three and in reading the first few lines above a fact over and over till I could see no way around the fact that We are all appointed to be watchmen. The Lord did not say hey Zeke I appoint you watchman over the house of Israel, he said "son of man" or "son of dust" or some lost in history word. That is me. I am the son of man since we all had to have a human father who was a man. This made the warning too clear that it was intended for me. But it is also you the one reading it right now. If you are a human you are a son of a man.

So we are appointed watchmen what does that imply. In the time of Ezekiel it was for the watchman to pick a location close enough to the people to warn so that they could hear hear his horn and high enough so that you could see the enemy far enough away to give preparation time for you to get into a hidden spot so enemy forward scouts would not capture you. The watchman had some factors to consider. That was 2600 years ago so what does it entail now in 2019. It does not make us go and buy a horn and hide somewhere we can see an enemy approaching. What the duty of a watchman in today's world is to get involved and find out who the enemy is. Lincoln in his (see and and still have our warning heard by the people we are warning.

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