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The Times They Are A-Changin’
“The line it is drawn - The curse it is cast
The slow one now - Will later be fast
As the present now - Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

Composer: Bob Dylan ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’ lyrics © Audiam, Inc


But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.“John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775

W hen any government (town, city,state or federal) takes money from its citizens and gives it to able bodied people to look charitable while gaining more benefit from using our tax money for the “poor” that the poor receive from it they are villains and thieves. Today we have an example of a man, our president, who does not even collect his salary as an example for us of how to run out the end of a good life. How many Presidents before him have done that and somehow in addition gained a few million dollars to ease the pain of leaving office and retiring on a full salary and and the protection of the Secret Service.

A wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.“Thomas Jefferson: First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

My hope is after reading all the essays and recorded speeches of the Federalists, the Anti-Federalists and the Founding Fathers you will see the beauty of our democratic republic as it was before the gods of Utopia changed the direction we were on for over two centuries. The men who argued over every word in the Declaration of Independance and the US Constitution with its first ten amendments — The Bill of Rights. The left us messages that it will not survive if “We the People” vote for our own benefit and not the benefit of the whole Nation.

Men in both Parties have faults as so do we. We are all sinners and will answer for our efforts to reform but this new batch in our government are worshiping Moloch (also written Molech) a Canaanite deity associated with child sacrifice. Remember how the all cheared when NY passed a law that an abortion survivor, alive and breathing on a table could be killed if the mother said yes. That could have been you if these people were in charge when you were born. But you might not care about that so think about a failed socialist medical system even worse that the one we have now with its co-pays so high most do not use it. Look at what this country has ready for your care and look at China, Cuba, Venezuela. See what Socialised Medicine has to off you for a motorcycle accident or an illmess that requires long treatnment. What is the waiting time. Look even closer at the VA. Wonderful treatment if you can schedule an appointment before you die.

We have been warned by testimony from long ago that if we elect men with a lack of virtue and morality (vile and corrupt men) who think nothing of destroying our economy with constant attacks on the president, his advisers and the financial market causing a loss of jobs, factories and entire industries. They let our drugs be manufactured in China and India with no care for our security or that of the military. But they are still in office after years of their shenanigans, raking in the cash and giving away our money to foreign countries and the general public to either feel good or help their re-election to repeat doing it over and over. Even the mob will pay a reward for help but these guys and gals are too shellfish nd self-interested to include us in the spending rewards they gain from our taxes. But 2020 is a special year when a careless vote or two can give them a majority and they will transform our republic into a Totalitarian state in a wink of an eye.

I was about to enter a monastery in NYC that supports the true working poor by giving them a safe place to sleep (no charge) up in the Fort Apache section of NYC. Those in NYC know it is too expensive to pay for a place to live on the jobs available within their ability to perform due to the present public schools of the city now. Once the best schools in the world until the progressive methods invaded NY. (I was fortunate to be pulled out of the system in second grade in 1950.) My parents saw the kid they sent to school reading was now considered illiterate and I did not wont to learn. But life has its twists and turns and you never know where God will plant you or even tell you what He wants you to do when you get there and so I never got to enter the monastery at Fort Apache. In 2008 I married my present wife after my first wife of 34 years died of cancer. Marriage in monastery out.

This monastery’s type of charity was what I was looking for. Help for those that try to survive working hard but not able to afford a place to sleep, wash cloaths adn the rest of a normal life under a roof. They had strict laws of conduct and the experience and knowledge to run this type of charity that the civil bureaucrat are usually ill equipped to handle. So the local bureaucracy will not require a recipient to work (considered by the taxed people to be a form of armed robbery. When has the majority of the people been happy with their tax money needed to support their own families is being used to support those unwilling (but very able) to work. Is some cases supported in better fashion than their own families. It is our government way of performing grand larceny with this unauthorized misappropriation of tax revenues under the constitution.

When that same government promotes illegal aliens to enter and remain in the country with an open border policy and sanctuary cities draining more of the resources from our citizens in real medical and physical disabilities need of those resources. Property taxes are used to educate them and that property tax increases with each kid entering the system. This tas increase is forcing people out of their homes in their retirement years on fixed incomes. Towns that support the school system and vital services with property tax are driving its property owners into poverty. The retired cannot sustain many more tax increases before they will loose their home. All to gain votes from those that contribute nothing to the town revenue or the welfare of the community for a long time except for a future vote for the ones we elected to protect us and manage our towns. And who is crazy for voting for the same people and promises at every election expecting to get a different result from them? Are they that stupid or do they think we are?

A really big question to answer before you vote for all the free stuff you are told you will get is if the candidates pushing for a change in government to socialism:

  1. Where on this planet does their promise of free things actually exist and how much money does the USA provide for the defense and other expenses of the example country?
  2. What experience has the candidate had in the real work world vs the political world?

So if you are not really satisfied with the answers ask yourself what are they running for:

  1. POWER? usually the reason.
  2. MONEY? At their level they have already acquired millions so probably not.
  3. YOUR SOUL? Before you sing the praises of the next Stalin, Mao, Hitler or Pol Pot check out the top ten list of socialist heroes atTop Ten Utopians gifts to humanity.

The future of America as the land of the free. And it will be after 2020 elections if the brave come out and vote for the second man to deliver on what he has promised. Either of the other two old white guys will lead us into another downward spiral into oblivion and slavery. This is the reason why the Second Amendment was so important to the founders and is still important today as seen by these tow guys trying to take our guns away. The Founders say it was not intended to defend the constitution from the armed forces of some alien invasion but but to defend out Constitution from our own government when it turns away from the constitution. With millions of able bodied retired military regular and other officers as well as the enlisted supplemented by the hunters and target shooters and old codgers who can hit a tenth of a mil at 1000 yards those planning to change the constitution or just do away with it are afraid of us. They want to disarm us all. And who will be safer after they have disarmed the country: us or a criminal who does not care about their laws or regulations? What nefarious plans do the old for us after they have our guns?
Two” candidates are talking about our bill of rights as if we do not need it anymore as it is unnecessary and obsolete. They have over the years shown disregard for it and preached ageist it. Do you want freedom or the Gulag? My website has changes to give you things to think about in the next hundred and so days. No more opinions for me just read what the Founders gave testimony to.

The Prophet Ezekiel in his warnings to the watchman covered on Watchman Wake Up. Are you going to follow his warning of retribution for failing to know what you are voting for or spends a few minutes looking at your children, your children's&’s children ask you ‘What is freedom and where did it go?’ Will your answer be I do not know I was too busy with Fantasy Football and did not have time to look.

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