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Apply a life time of creative electronic, mechanical and software experience to the definition, prototype manufacture, and development of new products, processes, and methods through the intelligent application of processor controls and real time software techniques.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) from Villanova University with additional studies in mathematics at New York University Uptown and Manhattan College.

Presently hold four Patents for industrial test equipment. The Patent are 4015466, 4016753, 4061025 and 4090130. Other patents applied for but left Hamilton Standard before they were released and at $100 each it never made me want to go back but I did under contract to my old control systems group It is most satisfying that one of my patent's which at the time I was waiting for a faster computer to get to its real time engine tuning to obtain maximum power. i wanted to design the fuel and timing controls for their high performance , high rpm engines of the race world. but the computers of the 70s that had that speed were the size of the race cars garage. effort as I saw its application in automobile racing. The patent measured the horse power, torque and Jerk in real time and compared it to the other cylinders. In 1975 the minicomputers were fast enough for diesels but a race car engine’s rpm was too high for the small computers of 1975 and I forgot about it until out of curiosity I looked and saw the number of derivatives and it took me a three whole weeks to remember what I was thinking almost 45 years ago. But in a flash (3 weeks later) it came to me engine control of fuel and timing to keep each cylinder at max hp, torque and jerk was somehow being used in the cars on the road today. I gave myself an At ta-Boy and went to sleep.

Other Accomplishments:
Author of several books:

“Detailing AR Rifles and Carbines: Including most Civilian, Military and Law Enforcement Variants of AR-10, AR-15, M4, M16” — Written at a Range Master’s request for help in finding out why there were over 20 dud 223 rounds found on the range every day. After picking up the duds every day I would pull the bullets for my use as there was a great bullet shortage at the time. It did not take long to see half the shooters thought that the AR did not have to be cleaned and was more accurate if not cleaned. My measurement of accuracy is 0.1Mil at 1000 yards and I never asked for theirs but offered a course in cleaning the thing past what most would ever attempt but my luck. They were in a three hour course assembling and disassembling the BCG to its smallest detail and reassembling it following all the assembly check points with many classes of thirty or more I only had to remove 1 person for failures to have me check his reassembly and jamming his bolt 3 times holding up the class and requiring a hammer to free the bolt. What was bad was I did not have any more duds to liberate the bullets for my use.
“Concoction of a Beer Engineer’
“More Concoctions from the Beer Engineer’
“Brewing By the Numbers’
“The Hard Cider Handbook’
“In Search of a Good 5 Yeast’

☦   2008 to Present: Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - Crossfire Engineering
☦   2005 to 2008: President - Crossfire Engineering.
☦   1989 to 2005: VP - Crossfire Engineering.E. Windsor, CT
☦   1987 to 1988: Consultant - Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☦   1985 to 1987: Consultant - Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT
☦   1985 to 1985: Consultant -General Electric, Utica, NY
☦   1983 to 1985: VP - Crossfire Engineering., E. Windsor, CT
☦   1981 to Present: Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Crossfire Engineering
☦   1977 to 1983: Senior Engineer - Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☦   1975 to 1976: Senior Engineer - Autosense Equipment Ltd.,Bicester, U.K.
☦   1966 to 1975: Engineer - Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT

Hardware and Systems Design Experience:
☧   Establish test procedures for the software development and qualification testing of various flight control system. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Design and develop a VAX based Steady State Simulator for the prediction of Steady State Control Law Results for several Flight Control System. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provide hardware definition, design and evaluation for a helicopter (wind tunnel model) control system using Z80s, 8748s, 8751s, STD BUS, IEEE Bus, IBM and HP PCS. These systems provided Real Time servo motor/brake control for pneumatic linear and nonlinear control functions. Some parts of the system provided system accuracy and response verification, status displays, and BITE. Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, CT
☧   Provide hardware specifications, design and evaluation for an IEEE BUS monitoring and status reporting system for several Environmental Control Stations. General Electric, Utica, NY
☧   Resurrection of several old and non-functioning radar test stands for production use. Task included: Complete replacement of lost documentation, definition of replacement modules for obsolete parts and modules, and the reconstruction and checkout of finished test stands, cabling, and recertification by DOD. General Electric, Utica, NY
☧   Provide design input and full instrumentation installation and evaluation for an automated environmental test facility. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Redefine and update of an electronic fuel control computerized test stand. Required complete definition of all parts for procurement (drawings, part lists, and substitution), re-defining of all assembly procedures and drawings. Provide checkout and final test procedures for DOD acceptance. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Invention of a very accurate, High Voltage Probe that measures voltages in excess of One-Hundred-Thousand Volts without circuit connections. Patent 4090130 was obtained for this unique design. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provide significant hardware definition, design and evaluation of a Diesel Engine Diagnostic system which measures engine cylinder pressure, compression, horsepower, torque and jerk without the use of conventional monitoring systems. Patents obtained during this effort were 4015466, 4016753, and 4061025. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provide the hardware definition, design, installation and evaluation for the automated Diagnostic Test Facility at GMC Truck Diagnostic Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provide hardware definition, design and evaluation for the microprocessor interface for the automated dynamometer testing facility at Detroit Diesel Alleson Test Facility. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provide hardware definition, design and evaluation for the optical bench and gas sampling system used for the Arizona state exhaust emissions test facilities. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Provided significant contributions to the development of a microprocessor based automotive diagnostic test system for the Ford Motor Company Service Research Center. Hamilton Standard, Windsor Locks, CT
☧   Design and development of an automated Diesel Engine Oil coolant Control System for the British Leylend Automated Engine Test Facility at Longbridge, England. AutoSence, Bicester, Oxon, UK
☧   Design, manufacture, and evaluation of many vibration and shock test fixtures and systems for industrial, military and aerospace applications. Crossfire Engineering.
☧   Design and manufacture of many special applications tooling, models and fixtures for the simplification of and/or performance of complex electrical, mathematical and mechanical tasks.
☧   Design, fabrication, and checkout of many control systems, fixtures, and tooling. Most recently a products for the brewing industry. Crossfire Engineering.
☧   Design, procure, assemble, and test several small computer systems for area businesses. Crossfire Engineering.
☧   Licensed Gunsmith for over 10 years for Crossfire Engineering

  Software Design Experience:
☨   Design and Implement Custom Software for Security, Advertising, Access Control, etc.
☨   Development of specialized programs for the MCS-48, MCS-51, Z80, Z800, 8086, 8088 and the 80286 micro controllers and microcomputers as well as proprietary real time controllers using a wide variety of macro assemblers and cross assemblers, and ADA, C, and FORTRAN compilers on VAX, Intel ICE, and HP/IBM PCs.
☨   Perform software verification testing in ADA based flight programs.
☨   The Real Time programs were used for the control and monitoring of flow valve positioning, servo motor/brake controllers, digital sample and hold systems, analog and digital converters and filters, direct Fourier Transforms in spacial coordinates, model tracking and fail safe mode positioning.
☨   HTML, HTML, PERL, JavaScript, Python, C and Visual Basic Script for complex and simple web pages of commercial and private requirements.
☨   Non Real Time Programs were used in Built In Test Equipment (BITE), Troubleshooting, control and monitoring of environment and production testing, process control, and other non active control applications.

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