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I have lived in our wonderful Republic for over 75 years. It took less than a year in England during their great socialist experiment of 1975-1976 to show me a country I thought was the same as ours but was far from ours I will never thing that again. Simple things like getting a car to go to work took two months, getting a sales representative to take a multumillion dollar order took contact with my employer in the USA to make a call to his Corp in the USA to get him off his Northern Ireland rear and change his schedule from three months to he showed up the next day to take my order and eating a big slice of that pie no one wants to eat in front of me and the head of my operation in ther UK. I actually had him waiting in aan empty room with one table and chair for an our to let him have a little of the Bull he tried to dump on my plate with his I am too busy to your order for three months. Greeting him when he arrived in old jeans and a pocket Tee shiirt (not to be confused witht the formal tea shirts I would never think of wearing in the US.) in the get to take aan ordewr for three months. theremy supervisor in a small town in Oxon. I finally got my car and in less than one week the battery went dead. Went to the auto poarts store and found out that door knob strike has not the full support of the battery division needed a battery. No one had one as the battery cpompany was opn strike in support of the door knob company little town of Bicherstergoing to a big Barkley Bank in Oxford. I had an account there and while cashing a personal US bank check check for $200 I asked for for the bills to be mostly in £10.00 paper. That is when things got a little wierd. I was going on a trip to North Western part of England and wanted money that I could fit 11 £10 bank notes into my money belt. As soon as I mentioned the Ten pound bills I was was subjected to a series of questions about why I needed that bill I almost forgot why I wanted them. I told them it was not that big a deal and just make it £five notes. I may have been my Irish look or something my relatives were up to with £10.00 notes but one engineer back at work said they just might not of had that many in the bank to give me. But however you cut it a £10 was $17.73 that day and that is not even a $20 in the USA.

Alexnder Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton
01/11/1756 to 07/12/1804

  1. Left Kings College at age 19 to join “The Hearts of Oak” a New York Colonial Cannon Militia
  2. The Bank of New York, now BNY Mellon, in 1784.
  3. Became a General under George Washington and a most trusted aide
  4. U.S. Founding Father
  5. First Secretary
    of the US Treasury
  6. Died in a duel with Arron Burr at age 46

John Jay
12/23/1745 to 05/17/1829

  1. key negotiator at the Treaty of Paris
  2. Made the world recognise the independence of the United States.
  3. Was the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  4. became the second governor of New York state

James Madison, Jr.
03/16/1751 to 06/28/1836

  1. He directed the Philadelphia Convention towards forming a new constitution
  2. drafted the influential Virginia Plan.
  3. considered the Father of the Constitution.
  4. ;
  5. drafted the United States Bill of Rights.
  6. co-founded the Democratic-Republican Party.
  7. became the forth President of the US

The Federalist Party was a political party organized by George Washington to correct the problems with the very limited power the Federal Government had under the Articles of Confederation. The need to increase the power of the Federal Government to regulate the states in the ways they dealt with other states and their citizens within their states. The Federalist Party believed that the change was necessary to survive as a nation. They saw a need to regulate commerce between the States and problems such as the Shea Rebellion made clear. James Madison called out to the states to send delegates to a “A Meeting of Commissioners to Remedy Defects of Articles of Confederation.” Alexander Hamilton presided over this meeting now referred to as the Annapolis Convention. Only a few states were able to get there in time due to short notice, ill weather and distance. But those in attendance called for the Philadelphia Convention one year later in 1787 to do what the ‘commission’ could not do. The Federalist party wanted a much stronger Centralized Federal Government while the Anti-Federalists wanted to keep the states in power over the Federal Government.

“ Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. ” — Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787

Somewhat like what is going on in our Republic today. The Utopians of both major parties Social Democrats and RHINO Republicans. Often their intentions are good but out of failure to see what history teaches of every attempt at socialism being implemented since the 1700’s is Utopia is a Ponzi Scheme and like all Ponzi Schemes fail buy the very same defect. They run out of people to tax. And the choices left are forced (slave) labor camps, death squads, ethnic cleansing and incineration and mass graves to hide the faults of the system to work.
And the opium pipe dream of a Utopian that everyone will work to support their dream without the pipe. The die-hard Utopian will point to this country or that country but if we do not examine those examples to see how they are doing it we will see: Our tax money is supporting them by providing their defense, not collecting the dues thy accumulate by not paying anything for their own defense. We never even asked for our lives and money we used to rescue the world from the mess they caused with their European Intrigues causing Two World Wars.
To an engineer it seems like a no brainer for our country. As our employment rate continues to rise there is still an element that is not willing to work. Here is where I have no way of knowing or judging it this is because of lack of jobs requiring the skill level they have because of the public school system steady decline over the last fifty years.
The Federalists were aware of the dangers with Utopian Dreams and the problems in Europe in their age. We see already in this Country of ours the failures of Social Security, medicare and welfare systems. Social Security collapsing as congress uses the payroll deductions they take from us for our future welfare and spend it to pay for the votes they need to stay in office. The Founding Fathers warned us that if we elect persons of with moral character and expect more from them we are fools. This will all be covered item by item in other pages on this web site. We all know that the loyalty of a people can be bought by providing them with the sustenance they need to live for free. Do these Utopian candidates just want the poor they support with the workers taxes all year to have their support at election time when they need the votes. Or does it make then feel better about their perfect life redistributing the tax money they take from the workers who cannot afford what the subsidized get for free for their own families.

Does a government that takes total control of your life from how many corn flakes you can have for breakfast, what size soda bottle you can buy and the straws you cannot use. The type of bread you must buy in the store and when you go to bed and rise to go to the job they have given you. Can you believe they have a device to save time when it is daylight saving time. They will tell you what sex you are and tell you who will be your partner whose sex was also determined by a burocrat on the other side of the contry. If you are disatified with the sex they have chosen for you you can apply to the committee for reasignment who has a special facility where they can employ treatments for free to help you to adjust to your appointed sex or select another one that is more suited to your mental capacity to understaand as well as the govermnent’s to know what sex you should be than an uneducated Professor of Genetic Reseerch who lost his job over failure to adapt from your pre conseived idea of being a male to what the govenment needs to obtain a diverse society.

Maybe you want total control of the people by an all wise and powerful federal government as we saw in Germany, USSR and China that has in the last century accounted for over a 100,000,000 murders, political executions, ethnic clensing and Wars and those were just the big three centers of evil then. They had the phycotic and sciopathic rullers who would j=have their secret police and other eliminate entire populations if they even had a bad dream about the possibliity of their power being challanged by them. having under the extreme limited powers of the Article of Confederation and called the Annapolis Convention and the attendance was low due to travel conditions so the Constitutional Convention was call the following year in Philadelphia. Three men who composed 85 articles in the New Your News Papers under the name Publius [referred to as the Federalist papers] were the men pictured below on this page. There articles as well as their counter part in Philadelphia, Tench Coxe, who wrote articles in the Philadelphia Papers under the name A Pennsylvanian were picked up and reprinted across the nation and contributed greatly to the adoption of the US Constitution when they added the Bill of Rights to it to settle many of the fears of the States at the Convention.

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