The charities listed below are all rated a by Crossfire Engineering and any invoice for our design services must be paid to one of them on the list as a donation by you and not us. Travel, lodging and related expenses will be paid to me as this is a direct out of pocket expense. All Design, Labor and Documentation invoices must be paid by donations to one of our approves charities. We will not accept payment of any kind for the design work we do. Paying an invoice by donating to a known Charity will be payment in full for our invoice to you. If you have a different charity you would rather donate to ask us to include it. There are very few exceptions to what we will put on the list.

Approved Charities

Most other charities will be acceptable but require my approval before they are on this list.
  Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. a.k.a. America’s Vet Dogs or The Veteran’s K-9 Corps++++++++++
  Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. a.k.a. America’s Vet Dogs or The Veteran’s K-9 Corps
  National Rifle Association (NRA), a.k.a. Friends of NRA & NRA Foundation
  Kidney Foundation
  American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  Help support the U.S. Coast Guard’s members and their families.
  Fisher House Foundation
  Wounded Warrior Project
  Semper Fi Fund, a.k.a. Injured Marine & IMSFF
  Army Emergency Relief
  Catholic Relief Services

As a freeborn citizen of the United States I reserve the right to work for whoever I want and at this time there are a few organizations I will not support with one minute of my time. work for. At the top of the never acceptable list are the following:
  1. Planned Parenthood and the others who would have anything to do with the inhumane partial birth abortion, selling parts of a human or abortion in any form.
  2. The United Way or any other assemblage of acceptable and unconscionable organizations. Too many of these groups have some how made it a fight over management that for some reason thought 100 percent enrollment was their highest corporate goal and coerced by their forceful demands for 100 percent participation the weak into giving to organizations under this umbrella of morally objectionable entities. Refusal was not common because of the pressure of management. But there are always rebels like me who gave to their own charities from to 10 to 20 percent. It just seemed very suspicious for management to want this 100% participation (wasting my time and theirs and on a government charge number) if they were not getting some sort of kickback for it. Being a rebel and a NYC boy there was no way I will donate to any part of a thing I considered corrupting operating in an unconstitutional activity. Because of this lower management and I had a mutual dislike for each other. One even told me that if I didn’t have such a arsenal he would fire me. My weapons he referred to were my patents. They always trump a jackass manager.
  3. Community activists groups of an persuasion: leftist rightist, centerists, Neanderthals and the brother and sisters of Lucy. I think that covers some of the ones I will do no work for.

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