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“I want you to know that everything I did, I did for my country.” — Pol Pot Cambodia’s a true skitso Mass Murderer

Biograph of Burn Sandburn

Burn was born off the grid in a remote section of Statin Island, NY. His birth certrificater was filled out by a mid-wife with his address as the tent on a hill in Fishkill’s Swamp. She has ruined most of his live as she was too highl to know what the date was so she just wrote “TODAY” or the date and thought that his name was to be Burn so she put tht in as his name. His parents were on the lamb from the Feds for their helping draft dodgers avoid the Korean Conflict and providing money and materials to the NOKOs. In addition to that they were shunned by the Chinese Communist Party and run out of their home in China Town because h unpresidented fart that people thought a poison gas bomb attack on Mao. If you are from NYC you know this but outsiders dont. Never put mayonase on pastrromi. unfortunalely for his father no one ever told him and he had put enough mayo to make fifty tuna on rye sandwitches. thus the gas bomb he lit of in the lecture.on this sandwich to suppliment the lack of food they had his father didnot. Shortly after his parents escaped from the ugenesists who wanted to euthonize his parents for farting during a chairman Mao recorded speach on socialist reform1ng of a evil capitolist nation. They wsere forced from the socialist party in Statin Islanad Immigrated to USCA Berkeley and Burn had a far better environlent to question who and what he was.

Unfortunately he as a very inpressionalble child thought all he had to do for world peace was to find some farie dust and sprinkle it on all the bad people in the world. He srtarted a search that would eventuawind up in Vermont joining up with those he thought were friends. The had all the brain power that was ledt afdter years of LSD Piote and Angle Dust and needless to say they were stuch with Burn for a long time up in StockBridge Mass where you can get everything you want. He was a pleasent enough kid and very easy to fool around with but he always wore green elf suit from when he wa about four or five sizes smaller. Rediculous and he smelt almost as bad as the company he kept. He thougfht he found the fairie dust he needed several times when his companions scored a gram of PCP (Angle Dust to his crowd.) verything to at i San Francisco Bay Area to an abandoned B-Movie set in LOs Anglassass aad his parents moved to the now abandoned movie studio of The Wizard of Oz in Burbank just up the street from my next to favorite spot in LA, the Culver City Gun Shop where the MGM Studio would sell off all their still functioning prop guns so they did not have to keep track of them when they wer no longer needed.< a href="editorials-and-references.html#12">See note №: 12. old firearns when they no longer needed them. California movie lot of Alice in Wonderland on the seventh day of the seventh month at the seventh hour he spent his entire youth wanting to be an elf and searched the world trying to find fairy dust so he could make the world a better place. But after trying many forms of what evil capitalism from South American Countries called fairy dust he came to the conclusion at 27 years old that the answer was not fairy dust but Communism. The Party lead Bennie to see only a centrally controlled business with goals Young Ben>set in well organized five year plans was the path to succeed and if it didn’t it was because the workers needed motivational training in a labor camp like Uncle Joe’s Baltic-White Sea Canal where Wikipedia reports The canal was constructed by forced labor of gulag inmates. Beginning and ending with a labor force of 126,000, between 12,000 and 25,000 laborers died according to official records, and accounts in the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Lesson to learn: beware of a Job for everyone!

After a brief few years in the USSR he returns to the US with a new identity and the training he needs to convince a nation that the nations needs to be fundamentally changed. Fundamentally changes is a euphanism for WEhe we take over you all have no rights except as we feel is appropriate for a serf. We want you property for the state. You by letting us in power have proved you do not know how to handle freedom or liberty so you do not need those anymore. Sure you we will have a job for everyone. You will be assigned to one befitting you loyalty to the Party. Speach against the party or even being suspected of that negative thoughts and you will be in a labor reducation program being trained to like the job we allow you to have.

An idea of another socialist candidate who became POTUS and the Number TWO of the Party in the US has a title but no authority because he thinks he is actually important to the Party. The Truce Party Member only thinks how he can help the party. Too organize, to create propaganda, to report on who may be thinking harmful negative thoughts about the Party not producing enopugh false testamony to keep someone whth is a constitutional moron from winning the next US election of another Party member. There was however no friendship between Ringmaster Ben>the two as one was a little burnt out on fairy dust trials and the other was a secret money grabber. Burn joins the circus and works his way up to Ringmaster as he had no desire to do tricks; but in a failing industry due to clowns scaring the crap out of the four to thirty year old demographic Bennie leaves to becomes a politician.

Keeping his tattered Ringmaster’s suit to assure he is a normal person only differing from other humnas in his auper evpolced higher intelligne brain only available to extreme leftists. Pre-Lucy conservative critics of his way out crazy lies, unbeleavable to anyone working for a living are usually referred to as homophobic, racist pigs . A lie that propels many socialists to great positions in government even though they have legally bound the college records of their grades. Humm?

Even with failed predictions and false data they develop to spend more tax money on worthless ventures that will not change a thing with India and China dwarfing any attempt to limit our emissions of “what ever is popular that decade” There seems to be as much money to make in green speeches as there is in the USA Congress. It is hard to debate a person who has been taught something by a science teacher who was never a scientist since pre-school. False problems are predicted about every ten to fifteen years. In the past forty years we were told the ice age was coming, then it was ozone layer, then climate warming and now it is climate change. As long as there is a buck to be made there will be a problem to suck it up. The big problem is in the generated weather models.Ringmaster Ben Retired They have trouble in areas telling if it will rain or snow. Think how much more complicated it is predicting one hundred years in the future. But with the amount of money to be made bad data, false data and simple greed effects the reliability of all predictions. If you are interested in seeing climate changes look up the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa and see what real climate change is. And yet the designer of this rock we live on designed it to clean up what natural and cow farts do. When a weather model program is developed it is hard to tell h ow much of the designers bias goes into the assumptions required to model some- thing that does not exist yet.

Bennie is valuable to the Party so “The GAT” is instructed to get him in the Fascomi family as a part time lawyer until he gets a position as a politician. In politics Bennie trades his whip for a stiletto as Billiary got him in the back during the last primaries. Bennie fights hard to have Billiary pay for her crimes but she is a made woman in another family and that would be war. But “The GAT” is investigating for Bennie.

These pages were produced from my text read by my own web page generator program. The mistakes are all in my text so do not blame my program for the grammar and spelling. It used to be said about computers: "Put garbage in, get garbage out," For me its "Put dyslexic in and get dyslexic out. The programming is easy. It never lets me make a mistake. It stops immediately and will not do another thing until I correct my programming error. It ain’t that way with spelling or grammar for a dyslexic person My spellchecker either puts in the wrong word or I pick the wrong meaning from the list of choices.

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