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Alexander Hamilton, the First Secretary of Treasury comments:

№ 1 “Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will. ” — Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers № 79.

Thomas Jefferson comments:

№ 2 “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” — Letter to Joseph Milligan, April 6, 1816

And from James Madison’s writings

№ 3 “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” — Annals of Congress, 1794

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

“ A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often promise to invest your money and generate high returns with little or no risk. But in many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters do not invest the money. Instead, they use it to pay those who invested earlier and may keep some for themselves. With little or no legitimate earnings, Ponzi schemes require a constant flow of new money to survive. When it becomes hard to recruit new investors, or when large numbers of existing investors cash out, these schemes tend to collapse. Ponzi schemes are named after Charles Ponzi, who duped investors in the 1920s with a postage stamp speculation scheme. ” — The website of the Securities and Exchange Commission

It is interesting to note that in this Country of Ours a Ponzi Scheme is only unlawful when it is not the Government’s Ponzi Scheme. There are many but at the top is Social Security. Why is SS a Ponzi Scheme? Because we pay into that system for our entire working life and expect that our money will be there when we retire. Well our money is not there. Congress has sent it out to other people that we probably never knew existed some retired and some to keep their votes comming in. Also it paid for the managing of the system. So we will never get back our money. Now retired I am getting back another person’s payroll deduction every month. But that is a redistribution of his wealth to me because my deductions were spent long ago. When the money taken from the people forced by law to pay into the system amounts to what is taken out of the system to pay operating expenses and the retirement and other payments from the system we can start to see how the first in the system are receiving money they did not put into the system. Congress determines where the money goes and who it goes to so n addition to the workers who retire it might be spent on welfare or to pay for the losses ant the Congressional bank due to our representatives and senators never paying back their loans. That might have been fixed about ten or twenty years ago but I do not know for sure.

Now lets examine a reduction in the work force and what happens to those receiving the money from the system? The payment must go out so money is borrowed by the government to pay those receiving the money to maintain the confidence of those paying into the system that “their money” will be there when they retire. And the unfunded social security system is passing the dept down to those who will have to pay the dept or print money to pay for the difference. This printing of money lowers the value of the money owed and the recipients (retired employees and those others receiving funds from the system are actually getting dollars of less value that the dollars they had deducted from their pay check. An example of this is housing prices and property taxes. The home you have purchased usually appreciates in value and is somewhat related to the inflation rate outside the urban environment where it the value either tanks or skyrockets to whatever the market will stand. But consider this the usual rural value increase that you get for its sale in in dollars far less valuable that the ones you pair for the house with. In the classic Ponzi Scheme the fund would collapse if new inventors stopped investing and as they cannot borrow money with a fraudulent investment scheme like the government can. So here the Ponzi analogy stops as the perpetrator of the Ponzi scheme would either be in jail or a country with no extradition but the Government will continue on business as usual but we have reached another point. We are at the point of those receiving from the system are unable to live without the system being set up to be the ones Hamilton said above “Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will.” Socialism is now fully in place with total wealth distribution to support the Social Security System and other government programs to help this or that group they want control of. Sooner or later the socialist country will run out of rich people to tax and take care of that problem by setting the definition of rich lower and lower and lower.

In 1976 I abruptly left the lovely city of Oxford on the banks of the Isis River. It is kind of like the streets in Tucson The river that flows into Oxford it Thames and the river flowing out of Oxford is the Thames but the one in Oxford has a different name. Back to getting out of England quickly. I cannot remember how much I was making in the US but it was around thirty grand a year and I was given a foreign service allowance that made it somewhere around fifty grand. It is long ago but I remember thinking I was in a 95% tax bracket to pay my fare share to the queen and Country. Doing the math I saw that my 50 grand would be reduced to 5% of 50,000 before US TAX RATE to 2,500 before US TAX RATE or (using 1960 hours for a work year.) When I called the home office to report this the told me that they would pay me the amount that would bet e back to $50,000 after the Queen takes her bite. So being a NYC kid I computed that they would have to give me one Million Dollars at 95% tax rate to get the fifty grand back before US TAX RATE. Trusting any one paying an engineer that much money was ridiculous. On my uncles dairy farm I accidentally stepped in a lot of Kuhkuchen but this pile of BullenScheiße was to big to miss. With a few day to spare I toke the next plane out of Socialist Central and headed home to the USA.

So why is Socialism a Ponzi Scheme?

It is a Ponzi Scheme because it requires the people who work to support the great promises made by the Socialists in order for them to be elected. Between Federal employees and those who can not or just will not work there is a worker who must support that federal worker’'s family or a recipient’s family in addition to the family of the worker. What did we elect to have a mess like this. Our representatives seem to be using our money to gain (as Hamilton said in quote 1 above): “Power over a man's subsistence is power over his will.” They control the worker as they have to pay whatever their fair share is just like I almost did in England or supply th every bread they eat in the case of the recipients. Are we at the tipping point yet. The point where the worker is required to never leave the job as the non workers can decide our future with their majority vote. I include the federal workers in the non-workers class not because they do not work and pay taxes also but because their jobs are related to the management of a system that just takes care of more than it should be taking care of. It is not the the constitution that we have that allows all this expenditure of taking care of every thing in our lives. We never needed it before and we do not need more of it now. What is Washington doing to protect us from our enemies:

  1. Are they not the ones who want our borders open to all thus all lowing every thief mugger, murderer, rapist, slave trader, drug smuggler and every other sorts of people in with the true refugee?
  2. What do they do for us when our records at the VA are hacked and all our information is now known to the world? Would it be too much to have a real security system in place to protect us.
  3. Why do we have a right to carry personal protection and allow the stores we use to have signs that however phrased say come on in and shoot everyone because we are a gun free store and we smile at everyone
  4. Why do the cities that do not allow their citizens to carry self protection have the most crimes and murders.
  5. What is the excuse for allowing the cities to smell of human excrement and provide safe drug injections places for the addict instead of providing facilities for the homeless that they want so as to rise their population in the next census for more power to the cities. Where is the medical places to stop the use of the needles in the first place?
  6. Why do they consider work a derogatory four letter word and tie it to benefits. There is something that everyone can due from cleaning the buildings they live in to the streets outside of the gated communities our top legislators live in.
  7. Why do we support a UN that never supports us or out allies? Pompous little unelected tyrants who what to change our way of life to theirs so we can all be one third rate (you know what) hole of a country?
  8. Why do we have to defend countries that could do it themselves? Do our leaders just think that we need to feel better by helping our enemies and not ourselves?
  9. Why can our representatives use false political documents to continue to investigate when the documents use to start the investigation are known to be false in the first place? This mess looks looks like sedition that makes Watergate look like a kindergarden squabble.
  10. It also requires humans nature to be better that it has ever been in past history. There are always those who operate from a moral and ethical standard but most do not. We tend toward the easy way out of things, self interests and in need of incentives to do anything good, bad or in between. It is just us. Those who perform acts of heroism or show true compassion for others are few and hard to find. And when we do see someone like that we are filled with a desire to be like them but time if not in constant contact with such a person seems to blurs those lofty goals we set.

    So socialism is set up as a central committees to control each system of a country’s resources to insure everyone enjoys the benefits of its fruits. A wonderful goal but impossible for us humans. Like my dogs, they will do about anything for a treat, provided there is not something more interesting like a lizard or toad to play with. In my early days as an engineer I would often walk through the assembly areas and machining buildings to think. I got to know many assemblers and machinists on my walks. I was accepted as many relatives worked in the shops and would give me machining lessons on th projects I had in the tool room. I had jobs everywhere from vacuum forming for my High Voltage Probe to hot rod shops to building engines that would run on silicone oil and power up not by gas but electricity for Las Vegas shows and such. There was always a lot to learn from those guys. And I always got good solid answers when I would ask how this or that worked or was done. Some times my research work was helped by these idle talks with those skilled men. I did find out about those who just a few years before in the assembly rooms that they were paid by the number of pieces they could assemble in a day. This was a big union grievance since those who had the inventive minds would have made very secret and specialized tools to help them with the assembly process. This resulted in the end of day count those who invented such tools were getting more pay as indicated by the number of items assembled that day over what the less ingenious assemblers could assemble. So the men with the special tools kept them hidden from everyone and locked in their tool boxes whenever they were not used. This system was very beneficial to the company and the those with the tools but the union thought otherwise. The union saw those producing more as capitalists not sharing the tools with all the workers and the company as exploiting those persons making the most parts. Sort of the prime sin in socialism is incentives and the response of people to that incentive.

    In a Marxist based system crimes of the street type like theft, assault, anarchy and murder are not as serious as the exploitation of the worker. So lying to get elected is not problem to the socialist. Those running for office are well educated and they should know from history that all attempts at socialism have always resulted in pain and suffering for the population while the upper (elite) of the government structure enjoy a life equivalent to that of the royals. Most of those “Social Democrats” are millionaires or will be after one term in office. If they are as stupid as their socialist ideas they might take two or three terms. I just noticed that the word demorats winds up with rats while Republiccans winds up with cans. Not anything to think about other than it gave me a chuckle. I never met a true liberal that I did not like. Why? Because we could talk to one another about solutions and problems from different perspectives. This type of liberal seemed to disappear when they are all vote as one Party when ordered to by their leadership. That was the end of representing the people and it is called Party Loyalty and not what is truly is. It is total disregard for the people who expected them to represent them. They should never be trusted again. Exempli gratia: Pelosi tells them they have to pass the health care bill in order to read it. Not very representative of the the trust the people had in them so at those times only they are acting like rats. Perhaps we should think more about rats before we vote for either party. There are rats all over the streets of DC and not just in San Francisco “das Vaterland” of the Eugenics movement to control the Black and Mexican population and protect the majority of the Aryan race. Did you know that before Hitler thought about a gas chamber they had one designed to be placed in every city to achieve the goal of the Eugenics movement. Not that is a rat we can understand why they are rats as they were funding some of Schutzstaffel Hauptsturmführer Josef Mengele’s, research before his being labeled Todesengel see Note 23 when he was transferred to Auschwitz and no longer needed outside funding.

    When we have elected all the socialists that promised us a Utopia on earth and we bought the pig in the poke, the whole world cheers welcome to our crap heap. We will be like the rest of humanity but we do not know it yet. It is the honeymoon of the Socialist, Communist and Marxist. No more social democrats to worry about they are all showing their true thoughts on private ownership of houses, cars, guns, bank accounts and the thought is we want them for ourselves so we will raise the personal property taxes so most people will default and loose they houses to for failure to pay taxes.

    The idea came from Springfield, Massachusetts in 1786 when Daniel Shea returned home when his militia disbanded after the English were given their Independence and found that his house was not his anymore. It was taken for non-payment of taxes while he was away fighting for Massachusetts. It seems that thew Boston Bankers saw an advantage and calmed the farms and houses of a lot of our first veterans while they were fighting for the country. Property tax was used as a tool to steal their property and about 1500 of them took to arms against the tax collectors until they were defeated by an Army funded by th thieves themselves. The Shea rebellion was a total military failure but it was a political success as it pointed out one of the serious flaws in the Articles of Confederation (AofC). It was a very week federal power document and proved powerless to control the the states and their failure to play nice with their neighbors or citizens. George Washington and the Federalists called for a replacement for The AofC. The Annapolis Convention was called but due to short notice and bad weather most could not attend. Washington then called for the Philadelphia Convention to the following year in the same location as the Declaration of Independence as the two form one document defining the One Nation under God of and for WE THE PEOPLE! The Philadelphia Contention held in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA is now known as the Constitutional Convention with George Washington as it President.

    The Constitution was presented and it did not cover all the things that the individual States Constitutions did So the Bill of Rights was added (first ten amendments) to incorporate the concerns of the States whose constitution was modeled after the English one sighed by the King giving almost words for word out Second amendment as well as other important things like Habeas Corpus. The English right to keep and bear arms was a little different in that it only applied to protestants. That never helped too much with the IRA. Guns are always available for those who want them. WE THE PEOPLE of America never give the men who wrote the Federalist Papers and Tench Coxe for their writings of their positions and intentions they had in the formation of the Bill of Rights and the constitution. Their written words are our response to the socialist challenges to the Second Amendment today. There are too many who want to redefine the words of the of the constitution to suit their political needs. Their plan is to grab all the guns before must always be the first step to their take over of the country. If it was not why would they try so hard to take away the only protection most Americans have against the lawlessness they allow to flow across our borders every minute of the day. When the lawless cities they control shows their lack of interest in protecting persons and property from violence I can only ask how much money do they get for allowing this carnage to continue in their streets.

    Our Federal spending this year will be about Thirty-five-thousand dollars per household but they only collected about Twenty-Six-Thousand-five-hundred per household in taxes. Why do they do that other than to gain votes for the pork they send to their home states and districts. Is that representing our interests or their own. A question we should ask before we vote them in office again. Here again the Ponzi Scheme of a socialist government is showing its true colors. The socialist using our tax money to make themselves either feel good, get votes or both taking care of large portions of the population is not allowed by the constitution. The constitution says their authority is limited to what is enumerated in the constitution. The states had more rights but they gave that up when they lost control of the Senate. Who these days hears and thing about states rights. The Federal Government takes our tax money and send it back to the states in a reduced amount with many added restrictions as to what they we can do with our money. Thank you socialists who conned the public to vote for the passing of the 17th amendment to add screwing the states out of their rights to screwing our children out of their money for the loans they pile on them to take care of who? Us or Themselves?. They will have care from birth to poverty then they are on their own. Hey what can they do without guns. Ain’t or pubic ejication a Marvel Cartoon to behold? Look how much it cost us to provide third world teachers to our children. That last statement may be ignored as it makes a comparison that lowers the third world’s education results to the level our well trained in everything but the math and science are fine socialist teachers are supposed to provide. It would be nice to walk into a math or science classroom and not see the teacher usingf the teachers cheat book of answers to expalain the homework assignment but they cannot even after years of teaching the same material. Always remember, Them that can do and them that can’t teach or indoctrinater trustng minds to socialsm and the Utopia it promises but never delivers on.

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