Welcome to the Hotel California
Welcome to The Hotel California located in Downtown Utopia

This is the 21st. Century and to see the voting in this last election it looks like the Dept of Education, the Teachers Unions and most of the teachers have done the Parties job efficiently and thoroughly. Our nations children from entering pre-school to the time they graduate are instructed in why they are a victim. The children are taught that socialism is the only cure for being a victim. And with the crying and violence in our streets over our presidents election going on for over two years now the socialists have the victims they need for the revolution they want. This country looks ripe for some despot to walk over and take over the white house and people may not even notice the changes knowing what I reminds me of the song by the Eagles somewhere around 1977 "Hotel California." The song starts with someone driving down a dark desert highway with the smell of Marijuana in the car. This is about where we are today with it becoming legal in so many states. Next the driver stops for the night where he see a light. The traveler is greated at the door by a candlegreetedg lady who leads the person down a dark hallway where the traveler hears people singing "Welcome to the Hotel California." The hall is dark to prevent the traveler from seeing what he is getting into

The singing goes on "Such a pretty place, such a pretty face. The sales pitch for Utopia and the hotel. Looking at the courtyard the traveler sees people dancing some to remember and some to forget. It paints a morbid picture of the Nazis concentration camps who had musicians playing while the people walked into the gas chambers. but then when inside the masters room people are stabbing the beast with knives but cannot kill it. The beast is a metaphor for the socialist/Communist despot they let get too powerful before they woke up to what they got themselves tangled up in. the traveler runs to the exit but is told the rules "You can check out but you can never leave." The borders are now seeled to keep the people in not closed to keep peole out. The way to the outside for people in the Utopian is a box.

Since a lot of our wining citizens seem to wish for Utopia to open up so they can move in and enjoy the jobs for everyone promise. Uncle Joe Stalin gave everone a job and if you did not like it he always had a second alternative ready for you. Some of Good Old Joe is that his choices included the marvelous Baltic Sea to White Sea Canal as seen on the left. It provide everything for the outdoor person who enjoyed fresh air, sunshine and exercise.Stalins idea of a day in the sun This one project cost the lives of political prison inmates never seen before on one project. When the canal project was finished the same number of convects were on the job as when the canal started. But where did the thousands of prisoners sent there while the canal was still unfinished. In studying the difference in communist and facist cults like Jonestown to the largest nations like the former USSR and China each seem have only one two things that differentiate them one from the other. The first difference is the spelling their "ism" and the second is the "ism" they condem. Communists hate Facists and Faciests hate communists. They all have secrete police, perform erthenic clensing, murders, executions of political decenters and the leaders are above the food, materials, comodities, oportunities shortages their faulty policies inflict on the populations they put into power. The dead body counts of the last century when the communists and faciests took over the royalty nitch and went wild destroying the economic welfare of their nation and the lives of it citizens. The non-government populations being returned to the life of a slave destined to work at whaever the job is without complaining or just check out. So from the first table below can you tell which despot was a communist or a faciest? The difference is hard to distinguish from their actions. Maybe it takes the democratic levcely of intelligence gained in the Ivy League University to see the difference but to the simple system engineer they look alike, smell alike and act alike making them the same for all practical purposes.
Mirror, miror on the way can you the world who is the evilist of all the world?
Despot's Name Deths attributed to him Short summary of the crime
Omar al-Bashir 400,000 This President of Sudan gave in to what the Sudan People’s Liberation Army was requesting and the agreement directly led to wars in Darfur that claimed the lives of about 400,000 people due to violence and starvation.
Idi Amin Dada 500,000 Idi Amin Dada ruled Uganda for only eight years from 1971 to 1979, he took full advantage of his time in command, putting his wrath on full display. Roughly half a million people lost their lives due to extrajudicial killings and genocide during this time.
Chiang Kai-shek 1,000,000 The White Terror of China’s initiative of purging the opposition country stability resulted in roughly 1 million deaths.
Yakubu Gowon 1,100,000 Obsession with the new found oil in Nigeria caused a war with Ojukwu of eastern Nigeria - 1 million civilians on the wrong side of a blockade caused by a war of secession in Nigeria and 100,000 soldiers who died in that war
Ho Chi Minh 1,100,000 The land reforms of this Chinese Ruler had over 100,000 people executed and placed about 1 million people in war camps experienceing famine and seclusion.
Mengistu Haile Mariam 1,500,000 This ruler of Ethiopia eliminated everyone in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party opossing him. In addition he started a movement to kill thousands of “Kebeles”. In total he was responsable for about 1.5 million deaths.
Kim Il Sung 1,600,000 He ruled over North Korea with force, aggression and deception only a very sick mind could conceve of. He lost so much of the respect of the people he concocted a new story that the US deliberately spread an epidemic throughout the country and to give evidence to it he had 1,600,000 of his own people killed.
Kim Jong-Il 2,000,000 He had had nearly a quarter million people arrested during his rule and is directly responsible for the starvation and deaths of millions of North Koreans.
Kaiser Wilhelm II 2,000,000 Kaiser Wilhelm II as emperor of Germany was an inept commander and could not control the military caused the death of millions.
Saddam Hussein 2,000,000 Saddam Hussein as ruler of Iraq carries out mass genocide against the Kurds, Shabaks, Assyrians, Mandeans, and other ethnic groups who rebelled against his leadership. With his wars with Iran and Kuwait his body count rose to around 2 million.
Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan 2,000,000 General Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan was very active during the Second World War and became the third President of Pakistan. As expected, he instituted martial law and ruthlessly led a war against Eastern Pakistan. His policies left millions dead.
Ismail Enver Pasha 2,500,000 Ismail Enver Pasha was the leader of the Young Turk Revolution and became more powerful as he led the Ottoman Empire in World War I and the Balkan Wars. But despite his battlefield experience he was a very bad commander of the army and lost battle after battlestill very bad at leading an army as he lost battle after battle. To compensate for the losses he killed over 1.5 million Armenians and enough people of other races to get a bodycount over 2,500,000.
Pol Pot 2,500,000 As communist leader of Cambodia, Pol Pot envisioned a country that would be equal by any means. So he thought of sending city people to the farms and the farm people to the city. As expected, he did not get the results he wanted, so he then resorted to punishing people and depriving them of their right to education, medication, and nutrition. He even executed about 2.5 million who were not following his ideals.
Nikolai II Aleksandrovich 3,000,000 Anti-Semitic, idealistic, and very violent, “Bloody Nicholas,” as he was sometimes called, cost Russia 3 million lives.
Robert Mugabe 3,100,000 Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe had 20,000 civilians in one provance executed when he did not reeive one vote tfrom there. During his time in office, over 3.1 million Zimbabweans lost their homes, jobs, and livelihood due to his “land reform program,” which amounted to bulldozing any village that voices dissent.
Vladimir Lenin 5,000,000 Vladimir Lenin has received more assassination attempts after he instituted the “Red Terror,” and the systematic elimination of millions of people including members of his own political party.
Hideki Tojo 5,000,000 When he was assigned to be general in the Imperial Japanese Army, Hideki Tojo was not content with his position, so he also assumed the position of Prime Minister, Army Minister, Home Minister, Foreign Minister, Education Minister, and Commerce Minister…talk about a lot of responsibility. He also made ties with the Nazis hoping that he would rise to power alongside Hitler. Due to his relentless acts of attacking other Asian countries, he was directly responsible for the deaths of over 5 million individuals.
King Leopold II of Belgium 15,000,000 As a colonial leader of Belgium, Leopold II was famous for essentially enslaving and killing nearly 15 million Congolese under the guise of his Congo Free State. Other European powers granted him the territory to improve the lives of its inhabitants. Instead, he used them for his own personal gain and committed some of the worst atrocities in history.
Adolf Hitler 17,000,000 Adolf Hitler does not need much of an introduction as he was famous for being the leader of the Nazis – a German party that was responsible for the deaths of over 17 million people including 6 million Jews. After leading the entire world into war as well as committing numerous war crimes, he certainly deserves a spot on this list.
Josef Stalin 15,000,000 to
Professor Golfo Alexopoulos because of hidden and lack of official records estimatres that six million people died in the Gulag ,six million due to famine plannned and due to poor planning, His forced labor camps, purges, wars. Geneside, Starvation by planned famon
Mao Zedong 62,500,000 Famous for being one of the communist leaders of the Republic of China beginning around World War II, Mao Zedong was a ruler who thirsted for power. In his first five years, he killed about 49 to 76 million people by indiscriminately sentencing them to death. His policies also starved about 20 million, and on top of that, he had numerous enemies of the state executed.
Vinnytsia massacre was a mass execution of between 9,000 and 11,000 people in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia see picture on right Vinnytsia NKVD mass grave by the Soviet secret police NKVD during the Great Purge or Yezhovshchina in 1937–1938 that targeted ethnic Ukrainians, political prisoners, ethnic Poles. After collapse of USSR the body count estimated by experts was between THREE to TEN MILLION. The Kalinin NKVD prison was provided by Dmitry Tokarev the former head of NKVD in Kalinin. The murders would start in the evening and end at dawn. In the first day of the purge 390 people were murdered but the executioners had difficulty killing so many people in one night so the following days a maximum of 250 people were shot per day. The executions were usually performed with German-made .25 ACP Walther Model 2 pistols supplied by Moscow, Mass Grave at Katyn Mass Grave at Katyn but Soviet-made 7.62×38mmR Nagant M1895 revolvers were also used. The executioners used German weapons rather than the standard Soviet revolvers, as the latter were said to offer too much recoil, which made shooting painful after the first dozen executions. Vasily Mikhailovich Blokhin, the chief executioner for the NKVD is quite possibly the most prolific executioner in history reported as personally shooting and killed 7,000 of the condemned from the Ostashkov camp at Kalinin prison, over 28 days in April 1940. Since that would credit him with 250 executions per day someones number s are wrong or he was the only exedcutioner. The NKVD was so prowd of their work the listed the accom;plishment as Those who died at Katyn from the military were 1 admiral, 2 generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 85 privates, 3,420 non-commissioned officers, and seven chaplains. The remaining oficials kiled were 200 pilots, government representatives, 1 prince, 43 officials. The civilian count was 3 landowners, 131 refugees, 20 university professors, 300 physicians several hundred professionals: lawyers, engineers, teachers and over 100 writers and journalists. In all, the NKVD executed almost half the Polish officer corps. Who would not want to live under the typical socialist/comunist system like the NKVD worked for. You can bet it is not anyone liviong on the DARK SIDE!
List of massacres in the Soviet Union compiled by wikipedia.org
From a different source of more Official recoreds which have by all opinions been changed or distroyed for propoganda reasons.
Name of CrimeTime of CrimeLocationDeathsmodus operandi
Red Terror 1918–1922 Nationwide 100,000–200,000 For the purpose of political repression and suppression of armed resistance.
First Decossackization 1919–1920s Don and Kubanhundreds of thousands Mass murder and genocide of cossaks.
Case Spring 1930–1931 Russia 3,000+ Over a thousand killed in St. Petersburg alone.[1] First purge conducted by Stalin.
Great purge 1936–1938 Nationwide 681,692–3,000,000 Ordered by Joseph Stalin.
Polish Operation of the NKVD Aug 1937– Nov 1938 Nationwide 111091Largest ethnic shooting during the Great purge.
Sandarmokh 1937-38 Sandarmokh, Karelia 9000Mass executions of prisoners
Vinnytsia massacre 1937–1938 Vinnytsia, Ukraine 11000
Katyn massacre April–May 1940 Katyn, Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons 22000Mass executions of Polish nationals by NKVD.
NKVD prisoner massacres June–July 1941 Occupied Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic states ~100,000
Khatyn massacre March 22, 1943 Khatyn 149Propagandized in the USSR to cover phonetically similar Katyn massacre
Khaibakh massacre February 27, 1944 Chechnya, Soviet Union 700
Kengir uprising May 1954 –Jun 1954 Kengir 500–700
Jeltoqsan massacre Decembe-1986 Alma-Ata, Kazakh SSR 168-200
Sumgait massacre Feb – Mar 1988 Sumgait, Azerbaijan SSR 32
January Massacre Jan- 1990 Baku, Azerbaijan 133-137
Tbilisi Massacre April 9, 1989 Tbilisi, Georgia 20
Vorkuta uprising 19,541Vorkuta 42
Fântâna Albă massacre April1941 Northern Bukovina 200-2,000
January Events 1,991Vilnius, Lithuania 15