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The Defense of Fort McHenry

O thu be it ever when freemen shall stand between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation!
Blest with vict’ry and peace may the heav’n rescued land praise the power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, and this be our mottoZ “In God is our trust,”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The lyrics above are from the last stanza of Francis Scott Key’s original signed manuscript. The words and battle story of “The Defense of Fort McHenry”The Star Fort


Ihave spent more time on this website than I ever took on any really big corporate websites requiring inventory access to various needs of several levels of employees and with the right password control for their sales personal to see the inventory and pricing ranges for the various customers quotes. Some passwords would allow people given that password to change the inventory in any way they required. There were passwords that allowed to see the absolute minimum price set by the CEO for the product with his only password. With the right password you could do anything you wanted the to do to the inventory. Other passwords gave access to the full price breakdown by quantity and still others had passwords that allowed them to change the markup shown on the screen for customer viewing. But this simple one of mine is still unfinished after four years. It is not for lack of trying but I have been in recovery the entire time from one health event after another. And believe me when I tell you that the effect of being in a coma for over a week made my dyslexia act up so as to make what me brain tells me should be written impossible to put on the paper so it seems right. So I wind up with re-writing it several times

I got jailed for a 15 million scam and those guys over ther take trillions and just sit there without a peep from them.
Hi My name is Charlie and you probably never heard of me but I have an entire confidence game named after me by the FBI so I do know more about being a cozener. Not being a cheap grifter I will stick to what I know with observations of the games capitol hill is playing on the American Public. They spend a lot of time studying you to determine what they can get away with so lets take a look at who they are. Between the House of Representatives and the Senate we pay out over three-hundred-million dollars a year in salaries for 100 senators,435 Representatives and about 13500+ legislative aids and for what you get for from your employees. That is a lot of money to pay for people who do not even take the time to pass a operating budget (not a balanced budget, just a budget.Any budget) Most of this website will just be about the patriots who were the Founders of this Republic which was the model of a country run by the people, for the people, but because you did not bother to keep your eyes on the humans you elected some have changes it around to you work to give them your money to spend for what they want as they are the new gods of Olympus that cared little for the people they ruled over. Of course Olympus had none of the comforts so these new gods live atop Mount Utopia and more things they know they cannot deliver on than a city street grifter. The things in the trunk of their car are broken ideas that have never worked and will never will because of human nature. So we will look at that in other pages. Oh, I forgot to tell you who I am but that would be beyond the limit I would revel something that would preclude my working a con on you later is you have anything left after the 2020 election.

I all started in 2016 shortly after I dissolved my corporation. I was out one fairly cool Fall day fixing the wiring on my wife's 2002 limited edition Cadillac Eldoado and was very hungry. I went inside to get something to eat and saw the 5 pounds tube of hamburger you see in the big box stores waiting to be cooked with rice for my large guardian dogs two dogs. I took a handful of it and threw it on the gas gril with a buttered bageland flipped it once at about two minutes and again at five minutes then onto the bagle with a about ¾ inch thick slice of a big big Vidalia onion and doused it with katchupand ot sause. I ended the cookijng by when the bafel was cruntchey and a little charred on the butter side but Sal panacked and jumped free from sizzling burger left Manella in the tubs hanburger as a warning to me. Well I never got Manella's warning as he junped out fo say sometning but he landed in the pitnext to the grills burner and lasted just long enough for a short duration raspy call for water.Waiting until the bagel was toasted than mad the hamburger very rare. Later that night I had a visit from Sal and Monella that worked me over very well New York Style.They were left overs of the Gallo Family and was informed a little over a week later that I broke the rules and had to be taught a lesson. From Sal's visit I had a 106 degree fever which lasted over a week in a ice bath, dialysis for kidney failure and some sort of operation when I woke up in ICU while they were removing all these tubes from me that I never knew I had. I remember my trip one night to the ER with the Fire Department discussing my Baretta 96 I had on my night stand when they came to pick me up. I remember my pastor coming into my ER room with what seemed like 25 people in the room getting me ready for something. Then it was a week and some days later. That was about another month in a Rehab trying to regain some strength and walk. All that from a 5 pound pack of hamburger from a local store. They had it all figured out it was two cows from New Mexico that went to a processing plant in California and over ninety of us were hospitalized and one died. My thoughts on this is if they knew that two contaminated cows came from a farm in New Mexico after the facts how is it that no body bothered to check the history of them before someone died. There must have been a record to tell them that two cows from some farm were contaminated. That little government screw up cost the people of the United States multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars for me alone. And there were over ninety other victims and one death to add to the cost of the USDA screw-up. But if seems that they are more interested in writing reports that have no Index or Table of Contents giving the public a chance to find the case causes and who was the supplier and who stamped the meat USDA good or commercial. Now the other day on the radio I heard that we have to be careful as the safety of our food supply cannot be guaranteed anymore (this is what I remember hearing of the radio announcement as I took a pause to think about what I heard.)

The Government may stamp the meat USDA whatever but that is meaningless. So why do we pay for the guys to stamp the stuff in the first place. It would be nothing to require lot control tied to time of day and a blood sample drawn for analysis for each animal drought into the killing room. Almost every other food product we have has lot numbers and the occasional recall. Why does the meat slaughtering business not have to keep these artifacts when the cost is so high to fix a screw up.

So I got through that and was celebrating my survival and went to the range to shoot my gift to myself of as rifle I had wanted for years and never though I would part with the money to buy it. That seemed to not count after the my cruse across the Styx on Charon ferry. I was told that I had one foot on the other shore before the Grace of God sent me back for something. Well I was a t the range and they told me to use the vacant range reserved for the Border Patrol since I would be fiddling around with my new rifle and I wouldn't be bothered by the people on the regular 100 yard range. After I had all my equipment set up I walked a target out to the hundred yard range to fire the first shot and verify my bore sighting on a 6 or 7 mile away red tower light I can see from my garage. Target set, I started to walk back to the firing benches when I tripped and fell making an impression on the earth with my nose. Because of the blood thinner I was on I was required to go to the hospital and have my head scanned for whatever they scan for. My wife being a nurse was insistent but so was I. I wanted to shoot my new rifle so we made a deal. I would sight it in and then we would go. So I took a shot and the big 338 bullet was about a half an inch high. But that gave me another shot so wanting to shoot some more I set the dials for .1 mils correction. And held over about 2.2 mills so I could see the result but I would "need" another shot to correct the sights. So I pretended to adjust the scope and took my last shot and it was right dead onto the last shot using the last shots hole as the new center. So after putting three in the same hole I cleaned the bore, packed up and we were off to the ER. I got the whole trauma treatment with a report of a fractured elbow. No one cared about the rash all over me from the desert sand debris my fall imbedded in my arms and hands and my nose. What they were fussing about was my cervical spine had serious stenosis in it and I should get to a neurosurgeon as soon as asap.

Tucson has many neurosurgeons but as my wife and I visited everyone on the list and I was familiar with interviewing engineers these doctors who seemed to me as they were performing a pre mistake CYA list of this or that could go wrong. Enough to make me want to say something but my wife was there and she would not like me telling a doctor his is a looser. They are telling me that sure I can do it but I have so little confidence in myself I must tell you what could go wrong I assumed that this was due to them dealing with too many lawyers and just crossed them off the list. The problem that had them all concerned was the location of the bone growth I had all over my body was not happy with the outside of my cervical spine and took up residence in the worst spot possible inside of my cervical spine possible. This made the surgery very special not be a standard surgery they were comfortable with. To me for the a big bucks surgeon he better have confidence to tackle new situations or change his day job. I was fortunate enough to work with the PhDs of my G&C group long enough to know how they acted at new challenges and that example guided my whole life in research.

The last one neurosurgeon I met with I chose. I preferred the constant phalange of the unknown and in overcoming the challenge the discovery of a new product, method or application. And I discovered that that knowledge and the patents that came with it trumped what some managers thought about my thoughts on their dress codes, schedules and paper work. The documentation of my work was perfect (maybe not the spelling, grammar and making estimates of how much time something I never though looked at before was going to take.) This last neurosurgeon said he had no idea how to do the operation but he would study the problem and if he found a way to do if safely he would tell me he would do it. The words of a person confident in his ability to challenge the difficult but not afraid to look into it.

I get to schedule the operation and a couple of weeks before it I am told that I have a blockage in my left carotid artery. So the hunt begins for a vascular surgeon. I got one that says it an in and out 1 night night stay and it is done. I say lets do it and that being out of the way I called to reschedule the spine job. Impossible, the surgeon was being operated on and would not be ready for a month. So now I finally get the operation in December of 2018 go to rehab for a month of what ever they do and I am home unable to drive or take the neck brace off. July 29 my wife is out heading to the supermarket from visiting her driving horse when a totally drunk idiot with several previous dui accidents and a fifteen grand insurance policy crosses into her lane and goes completely under our 3500 Dodge Dually and totals it out. My wife is seriously hurt but mobile so she is to this day still seeing a pain doctor for the cracked vertebra she got from the alcoholic fool. He completely took the top off his little BMW so he must have been some where other that sitting up or his head would have also been roiling down the wrong side of the road. Not only will our insurance have to pay for most of the damage he caused his insurance company is continually asking for medical histories and why was the truck this or that and I just ignore the requests. He received seven felony counts from the Grand Jury and he we allowed it to be reduced to 2 he plead guilty to and gets two years prison (dry out time) and 10 years probation we told the ADA all we wanted was him off the streets and given a chance to dry out. There was nothing to gain by pursuing him further as he due to the old saying about blood from a stone.

Now I am ready to get my lumbar spine which was the most seriously damaged from the Degenerative Bone Disease (DDD) I have had for the last twenty years and my right shoulder is jammed up with the DDD an the tendon has ripped due to the drugs I had to b given for my encounter with Sal and Monella. This must be fixed before the lumbar spine since my arms will be above my head for over 7 hours and the surgeon says it might lock in place so I have to get that fixed first. I am now recovering from this the forth operation I had in the last four years. And I am ready to go to Physical Therapy but the Chinese take out flu has video conference appointments for people of my age and medical history. And just a week ago I have worked my arm with a rope and pully to the point I can use the mouse and keyboard to restart the website work. Then I found out that the new version of my programming text editor program I have used since the 1980's did not like the way my couple of non UTF-8 characters were so my finished work pages were so when I sent them up to the webserver the pages came back down in something like Eastern Asia Symbols and not I hope like this page. So I am finally getting to this website I started so long ago and hope to finish if as fast as I can.

They subsidize solar panels installations with our tax money. Could the subsidy be a method of rewarding large corporate Campaign donations with our subsidy to the very substantial markup on the Chinese Panels instead of paying for them to be built here. I saw it when my brother-in-law bought a new lathe and the motor was bad. The lathe company wanted $700 for the motor but later agreed to give him a new one. While he thought he was going to pay for it he put the make and model number into a search engine and found they were in stock in a Chinese warehouse in San Diago for around $100. So anyone using that motor really does not need a subsidy, Just cut a 700% markup to 100% and sell more units.

st look at the team they offered up as candidates. The most radical ideas ever held by a major Party since it ran out of the Clan members of their party. The eugenics crowd is still present and we see its hand in the high-rise structures given to a family that will follow their guidelines and yet will not correct the problems these buildings create. When I first started working there was an engineer who told of how the city street gangs were never a problem when he grew up. On the hot city nights and no air conditioners the families would sleep on the sidewalks and in his neighborhood most of the fathers were working on the docks moving cargo all day. Any punks that were disturbing the families sleep were quickly taught a lesson in polite behavior by a group of men that woke up due to their noise.

But the creators of these massive witnesses to a failed plan kept the men from living there and in their eugenic mind set would accomplish what the gas chambers they designed for use to control the Black and Mexican populations. History shows that quickly as their designs were given and evaluated by the NAZI leaders and implemented the idea had to be dropped here due to moral outrage of the people over how they were used by Germany. what the NAZI’s did with their support and the gas chanbers plans that were designed and tested in their attempt to conmtrol the Black and Mexican populations in California. if I might make a suggestion. Look at who you are planning to vote for and see what they have done to make your life better. More that likely they have made their life substantially better and your life stays the same. So vote on their track record of how they have improved your life based n what they have actually done for you and use your own experience of what the people you have hired in the past have delivered on the promises they made to get hired by you.

Some U.S. Corporations, because of EPA environmental safety regulations (not laws made by our minor gods of Utopia) are unable to produce many items they need for production of what they make. These items are then produced in china for us. Their lives are not as important as ours and Chinese pollution is never bad like it would be here so a solution to the problem caused by the EPA is solved. But what has happened to all the Americans who have lost the job of manufacturing whatever the EPA has banned. Do not look at how to control whatever is of concern just get the Chinese to make it for us. They got lots of people over there so a few will not be missed must be the thought been proven to dangerous to build here so they are sent to China Top dollar for Chinese solar panels and the big CEO collect bigger bonuses for the giant markup on a very cheep part. Look over to my right. They think their election will be assured using a 1960s sit in. The voter of 2020 knows how much Bull Spit their representation has been for us in the past. These U.S. Corporations, by environmental safety regulations are unable to produce many items we need. These items have been proven to dangerous to build here so they are sent to China . buy Chinese parts, Chinese components, Chinese Labor and reward them for taking our technology without any of these guys and girls even telling us they did. My wife went and bought me a two pound pack of pork ribs last week and I cooked them today on the grill. While I was eating one she told me they were from China. The ribs were OK but 42 bucks for Chinese port is ridiculous. Was it in the grand plan of the Utopian to use this pandemic Bull Spit to give our port industry over to China with it. Did you ever wonder if a campaign donation from NoTown’s mayor was subsidized by the Chinese to reward those who have shut down the world but seem to be able to get their production going.

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