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“America! America! God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.”

I have lived in our wonderful Republic for over 75 years. It took less than a month or two on the local economy in the United Kingdom’s great socialist experiment to observe two mistaken ideas I had about moving there. Some people thing the American Culture is your wardrobe and car. Living in the right neighborhood and speaking in a certain way, A pacifist among your like indoctrinated friends and a ruthless anarchist when confronted by a contradicting idea to yours belief. Knowing the correct phobia to call an adversary loud enough and often enough top have a crowd of like minded minions join in. But that is what you have made your culture. Americas culture comes from a people so vast and different and yet here as patriots. Respecting the legal system. Following its laws and voting to change the ones that seem to oppress a group of people due to race, religion or nationality. American Culture is knowing our history, being loyal to the Constitution and burning with a desire for Freedom and agreeing with the Founding Fathers that this American Culture cannot exist without a moral and virtuous citizenry having a knowledge of who we vote for and an awareness of the snake oil the Social Democrats, and outright self proclaimed Socialist and Communists on the ballot are trying to sell us. But to know that you have to see their ideas in history and what if anything they produced to help the citizens.

The Three Reasons for some of your to leave this website

Mistake №:1

The first mistake was believing they were a united kingdom and it was like Canada. I had three engineers that the editor of a car magazine hired to aide in setting up the British Leylend Diesel Engine Production Test Facility before I arrived. I he was a great front man to talk to the big car company suits and I got along with him wonderfully because of my work with hot rods. But we was no engineering degree or training. The engineers were almost impossible to communicate with as they each came from a different town and school. The set up a wall for a long time between us. I thought the cause to be either resentment for my American rebel nature/salary or a cultural difference for some anchient tribal village culture as business travel and talking to phone operators was also difficult at times. Fortunately, while I could not understand them entirely they were trained by ITV carrying a night time TV program of all American detective, mystery, crime and cowboy movies that taught them to Understand the American english language. There was one side effect indicated by their questions on guns, crime and the luxury dwellings shown in them. The culture presented was all Hollywood. England seemed like a suit that was three sizes to small. The obvious cast system had not gone away. The rules of incarceration were violated every day so various suspicious activities like leaving your attache case at the bar to use the toilet whic was sometimes out back. Having the very time you eat controlled by the Government, the method of mechanical drawings a law, thew color of paint you can buy controlled. I wondered what would be the charge for mixing your own. And a country that let a man called Robo Red could bring down British Leyland Motors with his organizing over 500 strikes shutting down the English motor car door for ever.

To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms.” — Richard Henry Lee, Anti-Federalist

Mistake №:2 The Big One

Socialism: The Big Ponzi Scheme! This website will show from my contacts with real life socialism why it should be feared and never allowed to be voted in by kids that know nothing about its mistakes from the truth told by the human history of the last century. In a chance meeting with a Hungarian Engineer on an airplane on a trip for NASA in 1967. He came and sat next to me and addressed me by my first name an d told me he was assigned to help me with the testing of my NASA package. He sounded foreign and very Eastern European so I started to watch my words. I told him I had herd nothing about his assignment but I would check with my Supervisor when we landed. And followed with a normal question about what group he was in as I never saw him in The Aerospace Design Building. He said he was from Electrical Design in the Prop Controls Group in Building One which had a different entrance that ours. I asked where he was originally from as he did not sound like it was Brooklyn. He told me it was Hungary. So I said you must be a Communist then. Before he replied he opened his shirt three or so buttons and opened it to reveal three scarred holes. He said he was shot by a Russian Tank machine gunner as he was throwing a Molotov cocktail at the tank in the 1957 rebellion. I still called my supervisor about him when we landed but we talked about Huntsville and how beautiful the weather was there comp aired to Connecticut. Once we landed I made the call and found he had clearance and then I relaxed and we began to enjoy the trip especially when we arrived at the facility we were heading for and found a squirrel got into their transformer cage and the entire building went dark for three days. We toured gun stores, went to Mississippi to buy fireworks and drank a lot in the clubs around Huntsville. A dry town but the clubs sold visitor passes to out of visitors from out of town like us. He was only a year older than me and I still wonder how bad communism was to have a thirteen or fourteen year old out throwing gas bombs at tanks. and when it went off his friends (when the soviets had to seal up the tank till the fire went out) ran over and carried him to a some kind of medical treatment. I wonder what I would have done at that age.

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” — John Adams

Mistake №:3

Hamilton at age 18 after Lexington and Concord Hamilton and other Kings College (now Columbia University) students joined a militia company renamed the “Hearts of Oak.” Supplementing his education with military history and tactics. When the HMS Asia began bombardment of the original Fort Amsterdam of the Dutch containing many modern for that time period. The British wanted them destroyed by the HMS Asia. Hamilton at 19 lead a successful raid and captured all the cannons in the Battery and resulted in the Hearts of Oak becoming an artillery company. His connections with some influential New York patriots helped him raise the New York Provincial Company of Artillery. At 19 he was elected captain and with his 60 friends took part in the campaign around New York City, White Plains and at the Battle of Trenton he set his cannon at the high point of town and kept the Hessian mercenaries from any effective help to the British.. All this leading to his becoming George Washington’s aide, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. What are you doing right now? Having fun partying with radicals who cannot tell the difference between a socialist and a fascist? Protecting the freedom of speech or stiff ling it? Are you the bought vote for a free lunch to elect the next Mao, Stalin, or Hitler. If you are use this opportunity to leave my website before before you have a conniption and believe I will be enlightened by the dribble your educators have slowly poured into your impressionable brain. There are escape paths in the far right of the menu but my suggestion is the back button and live your self assured life believing that a true socialist leader will take care of you when you have nothing to offer him or her.

To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason, Anti-Federalist

Pray to El Shaddai that he will rescue the survivors after forty years as His Mercy on us fools is always our only hope.

Mistake №:4 & 5

№ 4: The government regulations on when you could eat and drink. They never did that but the necessities of World War I as I was told required it to get the workers back to work after noon time break. A very weird way to have your employees go back to work but socialism loved the control so they kept it and maybe still do. My company has not figured out a way to save time for any future event. But I am assurred that we will come to a solution of that in the distant future. For now our Government spending billions of bollars supporting the idea of the simple enactment of a law to have daylight savings time is a total waste of money. The idea of daylight savings time is in this age lutacris. we cannot do it we can set our clocks differently but that changes nothingf the sun is in the placew where it was the second it took to reset our clock. I fact it was totallay unawaare of our doing it. There is some common sense in Arizona still left as we do not try to save daylight. We have quite enought without changing our clocks whic accomplishes nothing. I your government had a methof of savng time and putting it in a valt they would steal it to by anpother vote just like theuy did with social securuty, medicare, and any other pile of money they can get theriihands on.

№ 2: The medical system that had chased all the good doctors either out of the country or into private practice. I tried the public system to treat a horrible pain I had in my chest and was given a pill which was making my sight deteriorate so I went back and was given a script for another pill to fix my eyes. I never did take my “fix my eyes” pills I stopped the first ones and went to a private practice doctor who helped me. I wonder how anyone can get any good medical treatment if their doctors only know what pill to give and then what pill will stop its consequences and then what pill will mask the next side effect and the next and the next. Believe me, The rich can go to other countries like the US and other less socialized medical program Countries. Why do you want that system here?

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” — John Adams

The modern Sirens know how to destroy mankind with our tendency to want to acquire money and power without any a job for everyone effort on your part and join the Utopian society of worthless lives of pleasure. They say just try it and you will like it. So you try it and you like it so you do not mind loosing a little freedom or Liberty but you will be constantly loosing all of it just a little piece at a time just to obtain everything for free. Soon you are a liability to the rulers of Utopia since there are less and less rich people to tax and you have no skills to support yourself you find yourself in a collapsing Ponzi Scheme (as they all do) when the fresh money into the system dries up. Then you find out what Bernard meant when he said a job for everyone when you are convicted of a crime against the people and sent off to a Gulag in a forced labor group. And now you have what you always wanted as long as you load 16 tons and only find out what you get is another day older and deeper in dept. Did you realize the system only works is if every one has a job.

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